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Heavily serialized storytelling is everywhere these days, from Game Of Thrones to the MCU to the Dumbo Cinematic Universe. But why should television and movies get all the hype? Books are the OG serialized medium, and Serial Box takes it to a whole new level.

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Serial Box is a new digital storytelling platform that employs a team of writers to collaboratively produce serialized stories which can you read whenever you want in just a few short minutes. According to interviews, the idea is to produce stories that can be quickly and easily read during a commute, with a focus on consistency. Thanks to the collaborative writing strategies employed, stories can be "broken" in just a few minutes, guaranteeing that you'll always get your new chapters right on time.

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Right now in the Cracked Store, you can score subscriptions to story "bundles" that are organized by genre. You have your Serial Box Online Story Bundles (featuring Bullet Catcher, Born To The Blade, The Vela, Silverwood: The Door, and Bookburners Season 1), the Serial Box Murder Mystery Bundle (featuring ReMade, Ninth Step Nation, Dead Air, False Idols, and The Witch Who Came In From the Cold), and the Serial Box Drama Bundle (featuring Whitehall, A Most Dangerous Woman, Belgravia, Geek Actually, and Tremontaine). Each one is only $29.99.

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Recently, they've even partnered with Marvel to put together stories about Thor, Black Panther, Black Widow, and Jessica Jones. So if you've already seen Endgame 30 times and still aren't fully satiated, you can be sure that more content is on the way.

Also, check out these Scribd Subscriptions and this Standard Plan: 1-Yr Subscription.

Want even more?? Read, Just, ALL Of The Books With These 5 Bundles.

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