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Unless you're currently surrounded by an immense labyrinth of filing cabinets, you probably store your data in some sort of cloud, which means you likely use Dropbox. It's the most famous cloud of data (it's "the cumulonimbus of cloud data storage," as someone waaaaaaay less cool than us once said), but it's also the most expensive and has some annoying limitations. There are other, less famous clouds that are still perfectly capable of fulfilling all of your storage needs without draining the remaining bits of your money storage.

Which clouds are these, you ask? Why, these clouds here.

pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage, One-Year Subscription

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Two whole terabytes of cloud storage could probably store every movie you've ever seen in your life, but lets say you need it because, we don't know, maybe your social life isn't going so well. Let's also say you want supremely secure data streaming and lightning-fast download speeds. Let's even say that you want the ability to invite users to shared folders, and the option to sync your data across multiple devices automatically, because maybe your social life suddenly picked up. In that case, what you're going to want to do is check out this one-year subscription for pCloud, which normally runs for $95.88, but can be yours in the Cracked Store for just $29.99 (that's frickin' 68 percent off).

Degoo Premium -- Lifetime 3 TB Backup Plan

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"But 2 TB isn't enough, Cracked!" you scream at your computer, waking up the elderly people sleeping in the library around you. Fine. How about THREE terabytes? That's more storage than Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive combined, and it's what you get when you use Degoo. (You'll also get some interesting looks when you say "Degoo.") Degoo boasts an incredibly easy to use interface, making it so simple that even the sleeping elderly people can wake up and use it. Normally $1,500, a lifetime subscription to Degoo premium can be yours for just $64.99.

Zoolz Cloud Storage -- Lifetime Of 1 TB Instant Vault And 1 TB Of Cold Storage

Zoolz (rhymes with drools and is not for foolz) is designed for cold storage. Basically, it's an extremely affordable place to dump massive amounts of data and then forget you ever even had it (until you finally need it again). It also stores stuff you need instantly too, just in case you like your storage a little bit warmer. Normally $3,600, you can get a lifetime subscription right now for just $49.99.

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iDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup, Lifetime Subscription

OK, so you're the type of person who thinks that two terabytes aren't enough. Heck, three aren't enough. You also don't want cold storage, but instead want constant backups for all five of your devices. Clearly you're either a secret government operative or you're trying to invent a second internet in your basement, but we're not here to judge. If that's the case, then the iDrive deal is for you. You'll get unlimited backup, compatible with both iOS and Android and perfectly securing your data behind 256-bit AES encryption. That's an unlimited, lifetime subscription, all for just $19.99 (normally $49.99).

Put your data to good use with The Big Data Bundle and The Microsoft Data Analysis Bundle: Lifetime Access.

For more, check out Become A Mad Data Scientist With This Affordable Bundle.

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