Start The New Year Off Right With A Free Mac App Bundle

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We've been stricken with the holiday spirit, and like an army of happiness zombies, we're going to spread our cheer to the masses whether they like it or not. So with that in mind, we've decided to give you The Ultimate 2020 Mac Freebie Bundle!

Start The New Year Off Right With A Free Mac App Bundle

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This free seven-app bundle includes $74 worth of content, and all you have to do to get them is make an account. It includes apps for cybersecurity, improving your workflow, and much more, all of which will help you get more from your Mac. How much more? We'll keep going!

You'll get Clipsy ClipBoard Manager to enhance the way you copy/paste things, Mission Control Plus to streamline how you access windows and shortcuts, AirRadar 5 to scan local WiFi for the best connection, and yes, there's even more than that.

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You still want to know the rest of them? Fine! You'll also get Cover Desk to hide distractions while you're working, an app that checks your WiFi signal strength, Data Guardian 5 to better protect your passwords, and Workspaces 1.5, which acts as a personal work assistant.

These are all the apps you could ever possibly need, whether you're looking for a budget solution to protecting your data or you could just use a little help with your workflow. The Ultimate 2020 Mac Freebie Bundle includes $74 worth of apps, and right now, they're all completely free.

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Prices are subject to change.

In case you still want to spend, you know, actual money, check out the Apple iMac 21.5" Intel i3-2100 Dual Core 3.1GHz 250 GB (Certified-Refurbished) and this Apple Mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo 320GB - Silver (Certified Refurbished).

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