Show Your Hangover Who's Boss With This Miracle Tonic

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If there's one area where evolution has failed us, it's that humans still don't have the ability to stay out all night drinking borderline-lethal amounts of alcohol and wake up the next morning without a brain-destroying headache. While many products claim to make up for this design flaw and help you lurch out of bed and into work the day after, the results are middling at best. That is, until former Tesla employee Sisun Lee created a bona fide miracle tonic with Morning Recovery.

Morning Recovery was developed by Lee after he visited South Korea and noticed that while dedicated recovery drinks were as ubiquitous as sports drinks there, no equivalent product market existed in the United States. So Lee took it upon himself to mix together several South Korean remedies, including dihydromyricetin (a flavonoid that helps your body break down the various toxins contained in alcohol), and prickly pear, which helps prop up your liver after a rough night and reduces the effects of next-day wooziness and brain fog.

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Finding The Perfect Recipe

Finding the right mix wasn't a matter of just tossing everything in a blender with some frozen smoothie packs, though. The only way to see if it works is to get well and truly obliterated, and that's what Lee did, night after night at his lab in San Francisco, until he had the right blend of de-poisonifying enzymes to make Morning Recovery. Other components include milk thistle, which is full of antioxidants and NAC, an amino acid that neutralizes toxins in the liver. Now, before we continue, let us all take a moment of quiet reflection for the gauntlet through which Lee crawled so that we all might run.

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All reflected? Good. Morning Recovery works about as simply as you could hope. You chug a bottle of it after a night of boisterous memory erasure and go to bed. You'll wake up the next morning with all of the standard symptoms substantially reduced. No longer will you feel compelled to eat an entire bowl of melted American cheese singles and binge-watch the same season of The Good Place from your couch all day. You'll actually be able to go into work, and presumably right back out to the bars afterward. Morning Recovery is the sturdy pair of Icarus wings you've been searching for, only made of heat-resistant Teflon instead of wax.

Now, we're not saying that Morning Recovery will keep you out of the hospital and/or prison, but for those nights when you need to cut loose, it's the most scientifically responsible solution. One bottle will help your body detox and rehydrate while you sleep, so you don't miss a single step the next day.

Normally, a six-pack of Morning Recovery sells for $30, but Cracked readers can knock 33 percent off that price and get it for just $19.95. That's enough for a full week of drinking with science.

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