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The Return of the Sexman I've featured the unique YouTube stylings of Pruane2Forever here on the Cracked Blog before, and I'm happy to say that he's still up to his old tricks, churning out video after video about everything from Keanu Reeves to Carlos Mencia from the relative safety of his bedroom. He's been kind of blowing up lately: He got a shout-out from Attack of the Show recently, and his epic panning of the movie Jumper has been making the rounds in the last 24 hours, but I'd like to focus on a different video of Pruane's; one that doesn't involve movies, celebrities or "jackin' it." This video paints a much different picture of The Sexman than we're used to. Apparently there's a little boy underneath that tough exterior, and this is a video of that inner little boy doing what he really wants to do: Playing with his father. And there is nothing even remotely embarrassing about that, either. Everyone has videos on YouTube of their dads throwing them onto a bed these days, don't they? Isn't it pretty standard practice to have a slow-motion replay in the videos, too? You know - so the entire world can see each and every individual frame of you and your father sharing a tender embrace, just before you soar through the air with an enormous grin on your face, like it's the greatest moment of your entire life? That's what the kids are doing these days on the YouTube, isn't it? Oh - and I'm pretty sure they all make movies called "The Sexinator" too. This kid can do no wrong!
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