Pencils, More Pencils and The Athiest's Nightmare: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

Awesome Video Of The Day The Athiest's Nightmare Being Christian must be hard. You've gotta sit in front of a fake lake with Kirk Cameron all day and talk about how bananas prove the existence of God. Then the cameraman starts chuckling, and you're like "CUT! What's so funny, Steve?" but that just makes him laugh even harder and eventually he has to go outside to get some air. Then the key grip starts laughing and the gaffer is turning red in the face and then they both have to leave. Eventually it's just you and Kirk, sitting all alone in the bible warehouse in front of the fake lake backdrop. You still don't know what was so funny, but by then it's getting late and you have to go to church. All that hassle and headache, and all because Christians aren't allowed to make dick jokes. Instead they have to prattle on and on about soda cans and bananas while becoming an ACTUAL, LIVING DICK JOKE THEMSELVES. How ironic.
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Banana Soda Can Penis
Fits in the hand x x x
Has a non-slip surface x x Sometimes
Has a "tab" at the top x x Sorta
Skin is biodegradable x x
Pointed at the top for ease of entry x x
Chewy x ?
Easy to digest x ?
Curved towards the face x Sometimes
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Pointless Blog Roundup Pointless Blog #2: Bob Truby's Brand Name Pencils I'm not going to call anyone's hobby stupid. I'm sure that Bob Truby loves pencils, loves collecting them and taking high-resolution pictures of them and archiving them on his website,
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Advertisement, and that's good enough for me. Whatever floats your boat, right? Some people collect stamps. Others birdwatch or build ships in bottles. Bob Truby collects pencils, takes pictures of them, and puts them on the internet. Good for him. What's your poison? WWII-era? Oversized ferrule (whatever that means)? Got a favorite brand? He's got 134 of them here to sort through. Now what were those ones called again? You know - the ones we used back in grade school? Oh yeah - YELLOW ONES.
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