Pen Spinning, Electrocution and a Whole Shitload of Screws: The (Friday) Nooner (EST)!

Awesome Video Of The Day Pen Spinning! I'm not usually into internet videos of people getting hurt, but this one transcends the run-of-the-mill, poor-bastard-gets-hit-by-a-bus genre. He starts off solid. Cocky even, like he's some sort of Bruce Lee of pen flipping. He adjust the camera, starts doing some of his awesome moves, then BOOM - the light explodes. He freaks out, and that's satisfying enough, but it gets better. So much better. I feel bad laughing at the guy but someone needed to put him in his place, and that someone turned out to be an electrical current. Sure, he may have been seriously injured, but you know what? If I got electrocuted and made a noise like that, I wouldn't be mad if everyone laughed. Provided I still possessed the necessary motor skills, I might even laugh along. If I'm already on the ground convulsing, SOMEONE might as well get a chuckle out of it. If you agree with the above statements, congratulations: You've just rationalized laughing at someone else's misfortunes!
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Pointless Blog Roundup Most Pointless Blog of the Week: Screw Asylum I don't even know what to say about Screw Asylum. It's either the dumbest thing ever or the most brilliant thing ever. It makes me want to throw my laptop out the window and see the entire internet at the same time. Somehow, a blog about screws has managed to encapsulate everything that's wrong with blogging and everything that's wonderful about it simultaneously. Whether you're looking at the individual posts (screws, screws and more screws) or the links section (including links to
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a google image search for "screws" and the Wikipedia entry for "screw"), there isn't much to be found on Screw Asylum that doesn't relate to... well... screws. What to make of that? Was it created by a genuine screw fanatic, or is this some Kafkaesque meta-comment on the navel-gazing nature of blogging? You won't find an answer on Screw Asylum. All you'll find is screws, screws, and MORE f*****g SCREWS. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. Whether it's screws, or pencils, or comic book panels of people getting hit in the nuts, the internet is - for better or worse - jam-packed with millions of websites dedicated to things that millions of other people don't give a s**t about. And that, my friends, is the beauty of it. Either that or it's the reason we should all unplug our computers and go out for a nice walk.
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