Nudity is Overrated, Wear a T-Shirt

It's the giving season and while you're busy guessing what material possessions might please your loved ones, it's important to also to take a little time to please yourself this month as well. Not ... we're not talking about masturbation, sorry that's confusing. We're talking about t-shirts! Although now that seems sort of underwhelming next to the prospect of self-gratification.

So here are our new t-shirts if you're interested -- we won't blame you if this gets buried behind six new tabs in your browser, though.


Brand New Shirts

Don't Mess with T. Rexes

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This concept came to us from one of our monthly design competitions. We'd also like to point out that the submission didn't look exactly like the final product above. We frequently see ideas we love in the competition and we'll work to create what you envisioned, even if you aren't a professional illustrator.


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Hey, look at this beautiful marriage of art and bloody pop culture. Anything pithy or silly we could say about our new Nightwalkers design would only devalue it, so we're not even going to try. This design was created by one of our favorite artists, Andy Hunt. We've featured his work before in our Weekly Dose of Envy and now we're happy to be working with him.

Oh, and speaking of our weekly dose of envy ...

Here it -- this is it. The ... Our Weekly Dose of Envy

We like to keep our finger on the pulse of t-shirt manufacturing the world over and each week we pull out our favorites and offer them to you, sort of like a sacrifice, except with less blood.

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Available from Shirt Woot.


Available from Snorg Tees.

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Available from The Yetee.

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Available from Bustedtees.

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Available from Society6.

Reminder About Holiday Shipping

To receive your shirt before Christmas:

UPS 3 Day Select, order must be placed by 12/11, 11:59 pm, CT.

UPS 2nd Day Air, order must be placed by 12/13, 2:00 pm, CT.

UPS Next Day Air, order must be placed by 12/16, 2:00 pm, CT.

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