Now That Was Entertainment! The Friday Nooner (EST)!

Ross Wolinsky is taking a personal day today. Filling in for him will be his grandfather, Pappy Wolinsky. Hello, internet! How are you all doing? I'm doing fine, thanks! You know, back in my day we didn't have much scratch, but that was a different era - one where men wore hats, women wore dresses, and there was never any confusing the two! We'd do all kinds of things for kicks back then - if we had the dough, we'd get dolled up in our best glad rags and head to town for some giggle water, but more times than not we were left flipping eggshells and spinning nuts - if you could get your hands on them! Hoo wee! We didn't have the cable TV and Nintendro machines driving us all bugaboo back then! Heck no! All we needed was a bottle of hooch and a dame in the struggle buggy, and anything beyond that was just padding the butler's ankles as far as we were concerned! Things were a lot cheaper back then, boy I'll tell you what! Back then you could get a gallon of milk for a penny, and a gallon went a lot further than it does today - we didn't have those big fancy drinkin' glasses you kids have today! I used to drink milk out of a rusty old tin can! There was only one tin can in the house that didn't have any rust on it, and everyone knew that one belonged to Pa. It'd be coolies bending the trolley tracks if you drank out of Pa's tin can - he'd box your ears but good! Pa was a man who was hitting on all sixes for sure, and he could be tougher than a Chinaman's mule on a hot Tuesday morning, but every once in a while he'd take us to town to see a talkie. Back then talkies only cost a nickel, and they were better than the garbage you get in the movie houses nowadays! That was when entertainment was on the level, boy! Now you've got your hotsy-totsy computer effects and your Iron Men and whatnot... horsefeathers! That ain't entertainment! Nobody knows how to make a good movie anymore! Bah! Back in my day, we didn't need all these fancy effects and flashy cars and rap music to make a good talkie! All we needed was a
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good story - preferably one about a group of dogs having a party together, and if one of the dogs tried to rape one of the other dogs, all the better! If you could get a couple of dogs, some tiny evening wear, some string, and a jar of peanut butter together, why, you'd have a plum-ducky film on your hands! And boy, those dogs were disciplined back then! We didn't need some Spanish poolboy "whispering" at them to get them in line, no sir! But like I said, it was a different era back then: one where men wore hats, women wore dresses, and dogs knew their place. These films nowadays... applesauce, I say! Applesauce!
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