McCain Camp Reaches Out To Young Voters On The YouTubeNet: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

The McCain Girls - It's Raining McCain Just the other day I had a great idea for a new business: a day care center where random strangers off the street pay by the hour to play with other peoples' children. It's awesome because I'd be getting money from both the parents and the random people off the street, and I wouldn't even need any employees - it'd be just me sitting at a table, counting hundred dollar bills and laughing maniacally. There would also be a juice bar. It seemed like a great idea at first, but when I told a friend of mine about it he was like, "That's the worst idea of all time." Then he explained all the problems with the concept, and I was like, "Holy shit - you're right. How did I not think of all those problems you just named?" That's the great thing about having friends - when you bounce an idea off them, they're usually more than happy to tell you that it's terrible. And that's how I know that the three girls in this video are not friends. If they were, when one of these women approached the other two and said, "I have a great idea: Let's make a video of ourselves singing 'It's Raining McCain' and put it up on YouTube," one of them would have said, "That's a terrible idea." If they were actually friends, when one of them wrote down the lyric "I'm gonna go out and let myself get absolutely John McCain," don't you think one of them would've been like, "That doesn't even make any fucking sense - this is a horrible idea and I don't think I want to be friends with you anymore"? I'm actually starting to think this might have been made by Obama supporters - possibly the same people who made
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that horrendous Hillary Clinton song - but I don't really have any time for further investigation; I have this business I'm starting and I'm supposed to be meeting with some of the investors later this afternoon. If all goes well, we'll be the first all-in-one muffler shop/laundromat/erotic massage joint in America. What can I say? Some people are just born entrepreneurs.
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