Make This Summer One To Remember With These 10 Buys

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Summer is finally here again, which means three whole months of goofing off in exotic locales, such as Hawaii or Durham, North Carolina. If you're planning on taking any trips this summer, here are ten items that you're going to want to have at the ready to make your vacay go A-OK.

Rosetta Stone Subscriptions

If you're planning on vacationing out of the country, knowing the local language is a critical step toward not mistakenly agreeing to help someone move in exchange for a cab ride. For $119.99, you can get a 12-month Rosetta Stone subscription to master a new language. That's a 33 percent savings, plus you can use the coupon code ROSETTA10 for an extra $10 off.

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OMNIA Travel Adapter

Much like cookies and cartoon mice, not all wall outlets abroad look like they do here in America. That's why no international vacation is complete without the Omnia TA502 Travel Adapter, which allows you to charge your electronic devices in 150 countries around the world. At 18 percent off, its $39.99 price will be totally worth it when you don't have to wander around Belgium at 3 a.m. looking for an adapter before your phone dies.

AirBolt Smart Travel Lock

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Do you like not having things stolen out of your luggage, but hate having to keep track of tiny keys or combinations to keep your bags locked up? The AirBolt Smart Travel Lock ($54.99, a 31 percent discount) is the first Bluetooth-operated travel lock. All it takes is the press of a button on your phone to lock or unlock it, no keys required. Just make sure you don't lose your phone.

MyKee 2.0 Everyday Carry Multi-Tool

Never worry about having to find a bottle opener on your vacation again with the MyKee 2.0 Everyday Carry Multi-Tool, on sale for 16 percent off at $24.99. This combination saw, claw opener, and hex wrench (all of which sound like the members of a team of crime-fighting handymen by the way) fits on your key ring and can be carried with you everywhere you go.

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Diem Duffel Bag

Checking bags is a pain in the cheeks, so if you can, why not pack everything into a single carry-on? The Diem Duffel Bag is a waterproof bag big enough to fit your entire wardrobe, plus an extra pair of shoes, a toiletry kit, and a letter from mom reminding you to have fun, sweetheart. At $49, 58 percent off its retail price, you can cram all your stuff together with confidence.

Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds

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If you'd rather not lug around a jumbo set of headphones with you on your trip, then the Cresuer Touchwave Bluetooth Earbuds are your Heaven-sent answer. These lightweight wireless earbuds are currently being offered at a 57 percent discount for just $42.99, so buy them now and get caught up on your podcasts during your flight without getting strangled by your own cords.

DASH A: The World's Flattest Portable Speaker

If you're planning a camping trip, a pool party, or any general summer outdoors get-together that involves living, breathing human beings, then you're going to want the DASH A Portable Speaker. It carries a ten-hour charge, which should be more than enough time for you and your friends to party beneath the stars before passing out from dance-based exhaustion. It's on sale now for $59.99, an irresistible 69 percent discount that we will not comment on further.

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DockCase Smart MacBook Sleeve Adapter

Carrying a bunch of MacBook adapters with you on vacation is an extra headache that nobody needs to endure. So keep everything simple and get yourself the DockCase Smart MacBook Sleeve Adapter. Just plug your MacBook into this combination sleeve/dock, and enjoy having eight additional ports on your slim laptop. You can get it right now for $99.99, 16 percent off its regular price, which will free up enough space in your carry-on for the essentials, like breakfast burritos and manga.

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Genius Pack G3 Carry-On Spinner

Most of our carry-on bags are so stuffed that they can no longer be zipped closed and must be held together with rope. A much better solution is the Genius Pack G3 Carry-On Spinner, a roomy carry-on bag with an integrated air valve that will compress your clothes to maximize space. It's on sale now for $189, 36 percent off its regular price. If you don't take advantage of this deal, everyone at the airport will surely laugh at you.

Graphene 8K HyperCharger Pro

Much like an orange at a fresh-squeezing factory (that's how they're made, right?), your devices are bound to run out of juice. So you're almost punishing yourself if you go on a trip without the Graphene 8K HyperCharger Pro. This portable charger will charge Lighting and micro USB devices so fast that you'll think your battery display is broken. You can get it at 50 percent off for $39.99, so you might as well buy two and create an endless charging loop.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So kick up your heels and Party on, Bane. Weaver Hall will still be there when you get back.

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