Make Adulting Fun Again With These 9 Products

This piece was written by the people who run the Cracked Store to tell you about products that are being sold there.

Typically, gadgets fall into two categories: practical and fun. They're either boring and perfunctory or useless and wonderful. But hold onto your butts, because these nine products are a mix of both the fun AND the practical. We know, we know, it's like having your cake, eating it too, and then that cake lets you shoot lightning out of your fingertips.

Lofree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard

If you're going to spend all day typing, then you might as well do it in style, and that style should be "steampunk hero." The Lofree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard is comfortable, wireless, backlit, and compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. It's also classier than a top hat with a clock in it. Normally $139, you can pick yours up in the Cracked Store for just $99.99.

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Ferrofluid Lava Lamp

Ferrofluid is a magic goo that goes completely bonkers in the presence of magnets. Press magnets up to this ferrofluid lava lamp, and it'll look as if Magneto was having an aneurysm, but in a fun way. This thing normally runs $149.99, but you can get yours now for just $79.99.

Pure Cycles Drop Bar 16-Speed Road Bike

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This classic-looking bike is built using algorithms and geometry too complex for us to even fathom, especially considering that the only geometry we thought applied to bikes were the two circles. Clearly we were wrong, because this will be the smoothest ride you'll ever have. Normally $499, you can get it now for just $399.

Air Deck, Two-Pack

If you're a bunch of gangsters like us, then your playing cards are always getting ruined with blood and bullet holes. OK, more likely, they're getting ruined by spilled Chef Boyardee, but that beefaroni is ruthless, man. Regardless of what you spill on it, these cards are totally resistant to it all. Waterproof, rip-proof, and life-proof. Actually, you know what? Make that "death-proof." Regularly $17.19, they're available now for just $13.99.

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QLYX Smart Magnetic Car Mount

Here's the next step toward our inevitable future of humans, phones, and cars merging into one entity. This magnetic phone mount uses software that integrates both your phone and your car. Soon they'll integrate the phone to your heart and the car to your abdomen, but until then, enjoy this ultra-convenient accessory. 16 percent off the $47.99 price makes this just $39.99.


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There are only two possible ways to feel about the '90s: You either miss them, or you've simply heard so much about them that you want to recreate them. The Bluetooth Bumpboxx is a Bluetooth speaker shaped like a miniature boombox that lets you bask in '90s glory while still being modern enough for the real world. Normally $549, it's available now for just $500.

Urban E Skateboards

This remote-controlled skateboard (with a seven-mile range and a top speed of 12 mph) will help you go anywhere at any time. And we are scientifically certain that it will make you the coolest person in your neighborhood. Our research? Well, for one, it's a remote-controlled skateboard. And two, it's a remote-controlled skateboard. 20 percent off $249, the Urban E Skateboard is yours for $199.

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LUNAR AR Notebook

Ever wondered what it would be like to be Neil Armstrong? Well, there will never be a device that will let you slay so much booty, but there is one that will let you see the moon. This lunar notebook enhanced with augmented reality tech lets you learn about space travel and the moon in the coolest way possible. Normally $25.99, it's available now for just $19.99.

HyperChiller Coffee Chiller, Two-Pack

Iced coffee would be the perfect drink if it weren't for all that pesky ice getting in the way. That's why this coffee chiller uses a patented multi-chamber design to keep the coffee and ice separate, chilling your hot and delicious bean slime without watering it down. Normally $60, you can buy a two-pack now in the Cracked Store for just $44.99.

What could be more fun and practical than the IllumiScrub Light-Up Loofah? The IllumiBowl Everyday Emoji Projector? Actually, yeah. Probably.

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