'Mafia' Is A Seriously Awesome Video Game

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In most open-world gangster games, you get a heaping helping of shooting stuff, hitting stuff with cars, and hitting stuff with cars after you've shot at it a whole bunch. Sadly, what you rarely get are engaging plots and deep characters. Instead, you often receive the Grand Theft Auto treatment of dudes who we're supposed to care about because ... they're angry and shout all the time? We deserve better.

Enter Mafia III, which has all the neat trappings of a badass game, along with some sweet, sweet pathos and ethos. Forbes said "If you love a good character study ... this is one you should own." And IGN said that the developers delivered "a story rife with social commentary on post-Vietnam America, and filled ... with three-dimensional characters."

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In Mafia, you can do anything. Want to drive around New Orleans and take in the sights? Save some gas and just boot up the game because the city is rendered beautifully. Want to fight some gangsters? Of course you can do that! This is a gangster fighting game. Want to fight some alligators? Too bad, that's not possible, because even this game has some limits- LOOK OUT THERE'S AN ALLIGATOR too late, you're dead.

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The alligator ate you.

2K Games

2K Games

But even put the gameplay elements aside, and Mafia III is still totally worth it for the rich voice acting and expertly told story. The strength of the narrative is the one thing that everyone who plays this game agrees on. It tackles themes you don't normally see in video games, like race, family responsibility, PTSD, and, of course, being attacked by alligators. Just check out this awesome trailer for more of that gator action.

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So if you've got a gaming itch for great music, a beautiful Southern-fried setting, a story that'll keep you thinking, and gunslinging out the wazoo, Mafia III is custom-built to scratch that itch into oblivion. A bona fide hit like this will normally cost you $39.99, but according to this here link, you can pick up your copy right now for just $16.99. That's 57 percent off, which is practically a steal.

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