Learn A New Skill Before The New Year With These Ten Bundles

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Now that 2018 is almost upon us, you may be thinking to yourself, "Oh no! I've accomplished precisely zero of my 2017 New Year's resolutions!" If you weren't thinking that before then, you are now. But don't worry. Even with only a paltry month and a half remaining, you can still master the art of computer programming and potentially set yourself up on a lifelong career path. We've collected a handful of relevant programming courses in the Learn to Code 2018 Bundle -- available in the Cracked shop for a pay-what-you-want arrangement. Here's what's included:

Complete Python Web Course

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Python is a great place to start for learning back-end web development. In this comprehensive course, you'll get comfortable with Python's expressive syntax and the Flask framework by building eight complete applications. And don't worry, you won't have to deal with any snakes.

How To Make A Freaking iPhone App

iOS is an attractive development platform, and not just because of the curves on that "S" or the cute freckle on the "i." Apple's Swift programming language is easy to work with, and you can revel in its safety while building your very own mobile app in just 16.5 hours.

JavaScript For Beginners

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JavaScript used to be unpredictable and unruly, like a playground bully. But in recent years, JavaScript has grown up to be the type of person who does their taxes in January. Aside from JavaScript's increased reliability, it's also the only language around that runs in your browser. These foundational lessons will use whiteboard videos to get you to visualize what JavaScript does under the hood.

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The Complete PHP MySQL Professional Course

PHP and MySQL aren't considered the flashiest technologies in the world, but any expert in these reliable server-side mainstays will be able to find work faster than you can say "WordPress." This course will have you build five projects through nearly 20 hours of content, and is suited for beginners and experts alike.

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Learn React By Building Real Projects

Facebook's React library is one of the newer entries on the list, but it's already revolutionized web development by granting JavaScript some modular structure. Plus, if Facebook is going to eventually run the world, it'll be useful to speak the language. If you've dabbled with the DOM, this 7.5-hour introduction will make you a true believer in the web.

Programming For Complete Beginners In C#

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Anyone who wants a lifetime of steady employment in the IT enterprise world should strongly consider C#. This modern language is a first-class citizen on Windows, and you can explore the basics in just a few sittings with this concise course. Not to mention you'll finally be using a hashtag for something useful.

The Complete Java 9 Masterclass

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Java runs on virtually any computer platform, and is the basis of Android development. This massive class offers nearly 30 hours of expert training in building large-scale applications and will make you the Swiss army knife of programmers.

Beginner Full Stack Web Development

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HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three pillars of web development, so it obviously makes sense to learn how they work together. Build websites, create full-stack applications, and learn how these sacred hallows intertwine in this meaty 25.5-hour course.

Angular Crash Course For Busy Developers

Angular helps you knock some sense into monolithic web apps with Model-View-Controller architecture. You can plumb the depths of this in-demand framework in just over ten hours, and you'll learn how to keep your code from reading like it was written by a medieval poet.

Introduction To R Programming

Data science is sweeping the globe, and Data-ism may soon be humanity's overarching philosophy. And if data is the holy scripture, then R is the sacred pen with which it is written. Dive into statistical analysis, data visualization, and complex problem solving with this beginner lesson.

You can get all ten of these courses (140+ hours of training) for a price that you pick from the Cracked Shop.

As you prepare for our inevitable servitude to our bloopy overlords the Droids, know that we Salute you. You are truly doing the work of Tesla: God of Thunder. Godspeed.

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