Land Your Dream Job (And Keep It) With These 8 Skills

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The office used to be a chill place where you shuffled papers, hung out by the water cooler, and played endless pranks on Dwight Schrute. But now it's a post-apocalyptic hellscape of analytics, digital marketing, and job-defending meetings with suits. You need to keep up with the changes, or you'll suffer the fate of the dodo (which we think was like a Blackberry or something).

Here are eight of the most in-demand job skills to have on your resume in 2018.


We're in the middle of another tech boom, and there aren't enough coders to meet the demand. But you can meet that boom head-on if you get the Complete Learn to Code Bundle for $49, or 95 percent off.

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Making a table in Microsoft Word doesn't cut it after you graduate from sixth grade. If data is king, then Excel is the one advisor that the king actually listens to.

Get The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Bootcamp for $34, or 96 percent off.

Web Development

Coding is soon going to be like typing. What was once a specialized skill is now becoming standard fare (and hopefully will be taught to children using Mario). But until that time, you'll need to become familiar with basic HTML and CSS. Otherwise, your website's going to look as basic as Craigslist.

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Get The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 for $25, or 83 percent off.


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Every business has a customer-facing website or social media page, and you need to learn how to not fill it with garbage. Unless you're a garbage truck company, in which case it needs to be the best damn garbage we've ever seen.

Get the Copywriting Mastery Bundle for $24, or 96 percent off.

Project Management

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A project without a manager is like a chicken with its head cut off. It's confusing and energetic for 30 seconds, but ultimately doomed and existentially disturbing. If you want everything to stay on schedule and under budget, then you need someone who's keeping an eye on the big picture.

Get The eduCBA Business & Entrepreneurship Lifetime Subscription Bundle for $29, or 96 percent off.

Public Speaking

Snapchat and Instagram aren't just about filters that make you look like an anime puppy. They're also about using your voice to tell stories and connect with users in a way that written words can't. That's where you come in.

Get The Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course for $15, or 92 percent off.

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Google Analytics

Having success with social media can sometimes feel like throwing everything against a wall and seeing what sticks. Google Analytics tells you exactly what's working so you don't have to waste your time throwing unsticky stuff.

Get lifetime access to The Google Analytics Masterclass for $19, or 94 percent off.

Digital Marketing

You'll need an overarching marketing strategy to make sure you hit customers using today's most popular platforms, like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and good old-fashioned email marketing. It may only be listed as one skill, but once you're a pro marketer, you can figure out how to sell yourself to anyone.

Get The Complete Digital Marketing Course for $19, or 90 percent off.

For more must-have skills, check out the Pay What You Want: Absolute Python Bundle and The Microsoft Data Analysis Bundle: Lifetime Access.

Also, check out these 4 Crucial Skills That Will Help You Land That Corner Office, and enjoy the view.

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