If It Has Two Teams It's A Sport: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

Let's Play... Bunnock! As I'm sure you've all heard by now, the Third Annual International Indoor Bunnock Tournament was held this past weekend at a shopping mall in Edmonton, Canada. I couldn't make it, unfortunately, but I hear it was nothing shy of phenomenal. There were some truly top-notch bunnock players present, and the competition was fierce. You know how those bunnock games get, what with all the, uh, the bunnockballs flying all over the place, and the scoring of bunnock points and whatnot. I'll bet there were tons of cracked bunnock paddles by the end of the day! Yup - nothing like a good round of indoor bunnock on a cold winter afternoon. Alright, you've got me: I have no idea what bunnock is. Or I didn't, anyway, until I read its (very short)
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Wikipedia entry. Now I know that it involves two teams, a field, and a whole bunch of horse anklebones. The two teams stand on opposite sides of a field and try to knock each others' anklebones down with - get this - MORE BONES. I was going to make a list of other activities that you'd have to call "games" if bunnock is one, things like "roll the mayonnaise jar down the stairs without it breaking" and "transport the bag of dirty laundry to the washing machine," but you know what? If there was another team trying to break your mayonnaise jar or beat you to the washing machine, those actually WOULD be games. I guess the joke was supposed to be that bunnock is a made up game, but aren't all games made up? At the end of the day, is "knock down the horse anklebones" any weirder than "run back and forth and throw the ball in the basket" or "hit the ball with the stick and run counterclockwise around the diamond"? Well, crap - I started this post as a "check out this KUH-RAZY sport!" thing, but somewhere along the way it turned into an "all sports are weird!" thing. Oh well - at least I raised some awareness about bunnock. You're welcome, worldwide bunnock players. All nine of you.
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