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If you would seriously consider having a backpack surgically attached to you in order to make traveling easier, then you're essentially already living the Lonely Planet lifestyle. Lonely Planet is one of the oldest and most successful travel writing brands out there, and its goal has always been to advise readers on how to visit Earth's greatest destinations on the cheap. And now it's continuing that tradition with the Lonely Planet Travel Hacker eBook bundle. The bundle contains 24 travel guidebooks that will help you plan virtually any trip you could ever want to take. Some of the guides include ...

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Where To Go When

Where To Go When is a fully illustrated guide on the best places to visit every month. It's sort of like an advent calendar of travel spots, but instead of pictures of decorated pine trees, you'll get destination recommendations that are the most ideal for that specific month. Each month also has an index that can be quickly scanned to determine what destinations are best for you based on criteria like family friendliness, so you don't accidentally bring your kids along to Delaware's Annual Alcohol and Cleavage Festival.

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The Best Things In Life Are Free

The Best Things In Life Are Free will help you stretch every travel dollar to Mr. Fantastic lengths by highlighting free attractions, such as museums, parks, galleries, and exercise classes, in over 60 cities around the world. It's also a helpful resource for inexpensive dining options, like street markets and food trucks, so you can experience local cuisine without incinerating your bank account. You see, as it turns out, money and quality have zero correlation.

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USA's Best Trips

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USA's Best Trips is the perfect companion for you road-tripping, free-spirited, screw-it-let's-just-go-to-Vegas-or-wherever-the-heck-else-we-end-up types. The guide outlines 52 different road trips you can take across the country, ranging anywhere from quick weekend excursions to two-week adventures. It includes detailed maps, strategies for avoiding high-traffic areas, good spots to stop and look around, and places to eat and sleep that won't shatter your budget into a billion tiny pieces. Leave all the stress of planning to the book, leave all the driving to someone else, and just sit in the backseat and play Game Boy like you used to when you were a kid.

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Travel With Dogs

Odds are if you're thinking about taking a long vacation, then you're going to want to bring your furry little buddy, be it a dog or a Wookiee, along for the ride. Travel With Dogs is an excellent guide for taking your pupper with you on any trip, including how to get the proper paperwork for worldwide travel and how to find suitable places to stay. If you've ever seen how excited a dog can get over the words "You wanna go in the car, bud? Huh, do ya?" then you owe it to them to read this guide.

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Food Trails

If there's one thing worth learning from Guy Fieri (among the millions of lessons that he has for our species), it's that the best part of travel is the food. Luckily, you won't need to travel all the way to Mr. Fieri's greasy bubble to learn all the greatest food hot spots as long as you have Food Trails. This guide outlines 52 weekend trips around the world, all centered on enjoying the local cuisine. Each trip has a fully illustrated itinerary, including food markets, restaurants, and shops for you to visit and stuff your face. It also includes practical advice on how to make the trips and where to stay once you get there, so you don't need to wait for a wealthy relative to die before you start planning your vacation.

Normally the Lonely Planet Travel Hacker eBook Bundle sells for $436.97, but right now Cracked readers can take 95 percent off that price and get all 24 guidebooks for just $19.99 by clicking the button below.

Call up your friends the Society Of Adventuring Doctors, and head out on the Long Trek To Forever.

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