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So as I recently mentioned, I'm now under contract with Cracked.  And while I wasn't able to secure any money or legal rights or scantily-clad assistants, I did get the man to concede to one point: two weeks of unpaid vacation.  Yarp, that's right.  And I'm using one of them now.  Why? Because I'm tired. Last week's HBN was twice as long as a  normal episode, and my new Windows Vista is still kicking my ass. Sorry to disappoint, but hey, maybe this is like a "when life gives you lemons" kind of thing. This post can be anything you want it to be. Are you one of those lovely people who still misses Lex? Go watch an old douchebaggery episode and pretend it's new. Do you want this blog post to transform into a DOB article?  Go get a rhyming dictionary; look up "Jack"; and laugh and laugh and laugh. Do you want to recreate the experience of reading Ross Wolinsky? Stare at a wall for five minutes. (Make sure it's a particularly unfunny wall). Really, it's all up to you. BUT IF YOU'RE STILL DISAPPOINTED IN THE ABSENCE OF HBN, THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO: MAKE SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR AN HBN TOPIC BELOW. SEND IN SOME TIMELY VIDEO LINKS.  Oh and try to make sure your ideas don't suck. That would help too. If I pick yours, I'll be sure to give you a shout out in the blog post. That's right! A shout out! Can you believe it? I know
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Sarah "Lounsey" Malone can't believe it because I have NEVER given her a shout out. Even though she's one of HBN's biggest boosters. Even though she has tangled with Gladstone haters in the comments.  Even though she once sent me periodic Digg updates. And sent me a recipe for a deep fried Mars bar. And yet? Nothing. Lounsey gets nothing. I will not speak of her or her talented animator boyfriend Paddy or that today's their 1 year anniversary, or really anything about her. But the rest of you? Well all that shout out glory is just waiting for  you!
Check out some more of Gladstone's stuff HERE. And while you may already be his Facebook friend, have you joined the club that all the kids are talking about?
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