Hackers Got Nothing On This Cybersecurity Bundle, Yo

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Let's be frank here: The internet needs help. Massive data breaches are affecting major companies with more regularity than a prune juice smoothie, and you can't even buy a sandwich without consenting to having your personal information gathered and stored by a private company for the purposes of credit reporting.

That's where IT professionals come in. They roam the internet's scorched earth like Max Rockatansky, lending a hand to whatever passersby they can. But instead of getting a faceful of steampunk muzzle and being tied to an oversized bumper, IT professionals protect companies from losing millions of their customers' credit card numbers. And that's where you and the Complete Microsoft 365 Security Training Bundle come in.

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The Microsoft 365 Security Training bundle gives you unlimited access to three dozen cybersecurity courses, consisting of over 80 hours of instruction and 220 tutorials for the ludicrously low price of $49 for one year. To give you an idea of how crazy a discount this is, the bundle normally goes for $3,000. You're basically getting a full semester of cybersecurity instruction for about the same cost as two tickets to see Avengers: Infinity War in 3D (less if you skip the popcorn).

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The bundle covers security for Office 365 and Windows 10, which are used by most professional organizations, as well as Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS Security). You'll be learning how to spot security threats for the most common professional software, which is the kind of expertise that will make you the proverbial shoo-in at almost any organization.

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We don't want to keep hitting you over the head with facts and value statements, but for just $49 -- the price of two high-quality Spider-Man action figures or like eight mid-quality Hawkeyes -- you can get 85 hours of cybersecurity instruction. The bundle also contains hundreds of tutorial lessons to help make you an expert in cybersecurity.

You can get one year of unlimited access to the Complete Microsoft 365 Security Training Bundle, and start learning the skills you need to put you on the path toward a more lucrative career. Then you can afford to go to 3D movies every day of the week and eat all the popcorn you want.

Keep the safe times rollin' with this General Data Protection Regulation Certification Course: Lifetime Access and this Pay What You Want: The Complete Cyber Security Certification Bundle.

For more ways to stay safe on the wild, wild web, Protect Your Online Privacy With These 5 Products.

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