Hack Your Way Through Life With These 9 Convenient Gadgets

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Life is full of gadgets that won't improve anything. You will forever be bombarded with offers like "For $100, you can have this special DVD copy of Batman Begins -- that only works on the moon." So take a break from the endless onslaught of useless garbage and check out some gadgets that actually will make stuff a little easier for you. These doodads are just that doogood.

Sandman Clock

If you're looking to maximize the space on your nightstand, or just want a clock with a bunch of plugs in it, then the Sandman Clock has your name on it. It's part alarm clock and part charging station, able to power up to four of your devices via USB 2.1 ports. Normally the Sandman sells for $49, but you lucky Cracked duckies can take 46 percent off that price and get one for just $25.99.

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AXUM Gear True Wireless Earbuds

If you need a strong set of earbuds that will stay put while you exercise or commit a nonviolent yet roguishly charming heist, then nab a pair of the AXUM Gear True Wireless Earbuds, gunslinger. With sweatproof coating and adjustable hooks to keep them in place during even the most vigorous activity, these earbuds will be your best friend at the gym, on a run, or whenever you have absolutely no desire to hear your talkative sidekick speak. Normally the AXUM Gear earbuds sell for $299, but right now you can take 49 percent off that price and get a pair for just $149.99.

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iRobot Roomba 805 Robotic Vacuum (Certified Refurbished)

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Vacuuming holds the top spot in the Lousy Chore Power Rankings, and robots are awesome, so why not go for the win-win and get a certified refurbished iRobot Roomba 805 Robotic Vacuum? You can program up to seven cleanings per week, and with its smart navigation technology, you can breathe easy knowing your Roomba will never crash into a table and knock your Warhammer models over. It also automatically adjusts to any floor type, so it can switch between carpeting, tile, hardwood, and lava (just kidding, it can't vacuum lava ... yet) on its own without you ever having to leave the couch. Normally the iRobot Roomba 805 sells for $449.99, but right now you can take 45 percent off and get one for just $246.99.

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M2 Cube USB-C Expansion For Apple USB-C Power Adapter

The one drawback to owning a bunch of righteous Apple devices is that each one needs its own charger and a space on the power strip. With the M2 Cube USB-C Expansion, you can turn your MacBook charger into a power-delivering octopus, able to charge up to four devices at once and reduce the number of chargers you need to carry with you. Normally the M2 Cube sells for $44, but you can take 25 percent off that price and get one for $32.99.

Comfort In A Bag Bamboo Pillows -- Two-Pack

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If you're having trouble sleeping because it feels like your pillow was stuffed with a sack of old doorknobs, first check your pillow for doorknobs, and then look into Comfort in a Bag Bamboo Pillows. They're memory foam pillows with bamboo cover cases that are designed to never go flat, plus they're hypoallergenic, so you'll get great support as well as being able to breathe (we hear this is important for both sleep and general living). Normally the Comfort in a Bag Bamboo Pillows sell for $199.95, but right now you can take 80 percent off and get a two-pack for only $39.99.

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Certified Refurbished Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset

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You need a first-class headset with total immersion if you expect to hear all the silk-footed killers sneaking up on you in Fortnite and PUBG. Well, according to PCMag, the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum is one of the best headsets you can buy, and who are we to argue? This headset boasts 12 hours of wireless use and Dolby Surround, plus it's compatible with PC, consoles, and any TV with a USB or RCA connection. Normally this rad headset would set you back $199.99, but right now you can get a refurbished pair at 46 percent off for only $107.99.

Meross Smart WiFi Power Strip

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The Meross Smart WiFi Power Strip doesn't look too different from a typical power strip, but this one has the plug-in technology of the future. It boasts three outlets and two USB ports, plus WiFi connectivity that allows you to schedule your charging. That way you can cut down on power use, or just seriously mess with your roommates. Normally the Meross sells for $26.99, but right now you can get one at 11 percent off for $23.99.

360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds

If you crave immersive theater-quality sound that you can plug into your ear sockets, then look no further than the 360 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound Earbuds. They're the world's first 3D 5.1 surround sound earbuds, with subwoofer-quality bass and an in-line microphone for answering calls. They're also made of viscoelastic material that absorbs unwanted feedback, such as your mom shouting at you to take out the garbage. Normally these earbuds sell for $150, but right now you can get a pair at 52 percent off for only $72.

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Bluetooth Home Theater Sound Bar

If you're tired of having to constantly adjust the volume on your TV because you can't hear it over the air conditioner or your roommate's lovemaking, then you need the Bluetooth Home Theater Sound Bar. It produces clear immersive theater-quality audio via Bluetooth 4.0 with powerful bass and zero distortion, so that every explosion will sound appropriately boomtastic. You'll never have to put the captions on to understand what the heck Bane just said ever again. Normally the Bluetooth Home Theater Sound Bar sells for $249.99, but right now you can knock 76 percent off that price and get it for just $59.99.

Looking for some adult gear that appeals to the child inside your heart? Check out the Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Robot Vacuum and this 3D Dinosaur Light.

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