Get Your Head In The Game With This Xbox Live Gold Offer

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Remember the '90s, when we played video games alone? Our thumbs would chafe from button-mashing against an unbeatable AI, and we'd develop lockjaw from ungodly stretches of time without human interaction. That's why we became writers. Marathon stretches of Link's Awakening and Banjo-Kazooie have removed our ability to speak.

They were dark times indeed, but nowadays video games are all about the online experience, and thank the pixelated gods for it. Popular titles like Overwatch, Dark Souls, and Destiny 2 don't even work unless your WiFi is connected, as if to say, "If you're going to spend 12 hours staring at a screen, you should be psychologically required to at least be shouting at someone." But aside from that, opening games up online pushes the replay value to infinity, because while you'll eventually tire of beating the single-player AI, you'll never tire of showing that mouthy 12-year-old in New Jersey a game over screen.

Basically, owning a console without having an online subscription is like buying a microwave without any Hot Pockets. There really isn't any point. And by clicking this article, you just won the frickin' jackpot, because the Cracked Store can offer you a killer deal on Xbox's premium online subscription. Get three months of Xbox Live Gold for just $17.99 (a $24.99 value). So pick it up now, and show those obnoxious kids how a real gamer plays. (Ha! Just kidding. The nine-year-old you're insulting in Dragon Ball FighterZ is going to massacre you.)

God's Lonely Man bows at the altar of Megaboy for only he knows the answer to life's most important question: Are We Not Mushroom?

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