Get Some Bang For Your Bucks With These 5 Stylish Wallets

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We wouldn't go so far as to say some eye-roll inducing idiom like "Money isn't everything; it's the only thing." We're not side characters in The Wolf Of Wall Street. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't protect your cash. So if you're currently carrying your bills around in a wallet that is fraying at the seams or a burlap sack with a giant dollar sign on it, it's time for an upgrade. We've featured a few of our favorites from our store to give you some suggestions:

Decadent Minimalist Wallets

There's nothing that punctuates a deal quite like taking out your wallet, chucking it on the table, and watching it land with a thud. This hunky hunk of metal will let you do just that, as the minimalist design (crafted from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum) signals to everyone in the room that you're not one to mess around. This wallet is designed to carry and protect up to four credit cards, and that's all a straight shooter like you needs. Get a Decadent Minimalist Wallet for $49.

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HuMn Aluminum RFID-Blocking Mini Wallet

Any creepy lurker wielding an RFID skimmer can infiltrate most modern credit cards. To negate the threat of wireless pickpockets, pick up a HuMn Aluminum Wallet. Its aluminum walls block RFID signals, and it sandwiches cards and cash with a handy strip of elastic. Keep this skinny wallet in your front pocket, and you'll essentially be safe from pickpockets from both old and new schools. Pick it up for just $29.99.

Bundeze Bandit Multi-Tool Wallets

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For a different take on the milled aluminum money holder, this Bundeze Bandit Multi-Tool Wallet showcases more of a utilitarian mountain person vibe. Its precise routings can be used to open bottles, twist hex bolts, and grip an included screwdriver bit. It holds up to eight cards or 30 bills with a web of elastic straps, and if you hold it up to your ear and listen closely, you can hear the primal roar of your ancient ancestors. $21 when you buy it here.

Slim Timber Wood Card Wallets

For graphic designers, baristas, and urban artisans who want to reconnect with Mother Earth, a Slim Timber Wood Card Wallet will remind you of the beauty of the natural world every time you buy machine-pressed juice. This small rosewood box easily fits plastic, paper, or a stack of "buy nine, get one free juice" punch cards. You can grab one from our store for $25.99.

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Dash 4.0 RFID-Blocking Wallet

If you worry about in-person identity theft but prefer a wallet with a more traditional style, then the Dash 4.0 is the currency cage for you. It sports a timeless bifold design that completely blocks RFID intrusion for up to 15 cards, and stocks as much cash as your lower back can handle. For those with a more conventional aesthetic, the Dash 4.0 RFID-Blocking Wallet is available for $19.99.

The Most Dangerous Game is that of Gods Playing Poker. Place your bets carefully, Billionaire Playboy. And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Flavor.

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