Gear Up Your Next iPhone With These 10 Accessories

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To celebrate Apple's annual iPhone announcement event, in which several delightful new products you cannot possibly afford will undoubtedly be announced, here are some awesome and decidedly more affordable Apple accessories you can pick up on the cheap.

iPM 2-In-1 Wireless Charging Pad

The iPM 2-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Pad banishes the desktop clutter of tangled wires to the Land of Make-Believe and allows you to charge two of your devices completely wirelessly. Plus, the paper-thin design further reduces the amount of table and/or counter space required to keep your devices going. Just be careful not to get a paper-thin-charger cut. Normally the iPM will run you $99.99, but if you click here right now, you can get one at 60 percent off for just $39.99.

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The iOS 12 And Xcode 10 Bootcamp

So you've just downloaded iOS 12, but you don't know an iOS from an IOU. Not to worry! The iOS 12 and Xcode 10 Bootcamp will have you cruising through the new update and creating your own iOS 12 apps in no time. Seriously, this bundle can help you even if you have zero experience beforehand. Normally this training course costs $199.99, but today you can get all 12 hours of instruction at 92 percent off for just $15.

Electron Flow MFi-Certified Charging Cable

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The Electron Flow is an extra-long charging cable sent from the planet Disco. It glows bright neon as it works, so you'll never need to worry about tripping over it in the dark as you tiptoe around your room looking for your cellphone. Normally it sells for $49.99, but Cracked readers can knock 60 percent off and get one for $19.99.

CASA USB-C Six-Port Hub

The CASA USB-C Hub is like the International Space Station of electronic devices, thanks to its multiple port connections, including two USB 3.1 A ports, two USB 3.1 C ports, an HDMI port, and an Ethernet port. You can use it to connect any one of your smartphones, tablets, or laptops to each other so they can be one big happy electronic family. Plus, you can use it to charge multiple devices, transfer files, or make video connections, all from a sleek Star Trekian central hub. Normally the CASA retails for $99, but right now you can get one at a 19 percent discount for $79.99.

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Twist Plus World Charging Station

The Twist Plus World Charging Station allows you to travel the world with impunity, charging your Mac and up to four additional devices in any continent with zero regard for pesky wall outlet adapters. Its universal AC power adapter is compatible with outlets in over 150 countries! That's more countries than we even knew existed. Now you can take your international power adapters and throw them away, because all you need is this pretty number. Normally the Twist Plus sells for $52.99, but Cracked readers can get one at 39 percent off for just $31.99.

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The Quick Guide To Smartphone Photography And Video

Your iPhone has a powerful camera built into its sleek body, but if your photography skills can be ranked as "baked garbage," the quality of the camera doesn't matter. That's why you need the Quick Guide to Smartphone Photography and Video. This 12-lecture training course will teach you everything you need to know to take professional-level photographs and videos with your smartphone. That includes how to use both artificial and natural light properly, what kind of hardware to look at, how to pose your subjects, and how to Photoshop convincing ghosts into the background of every image. Normally this training course costs $29, but today you can grab hold of a 68 percent discount and get lifetime access to the whole shebang for just $9.

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iKlips II Lightning iOS Flash Drive

The iKlips II Lightning iOS Flash Drive can hold files of any size. Seriously, everything from 4K videos to potentially the entire first season of the DuckTales reboot can fit in this puppy. Plus, using the iKlips app, you can take photos and videos on your iPhone and save them directly to the flash drive, which keeps your device's hard drive from filling up while simultaneously keeping your media files safe from prying eyes. The iKlips II sells for $79, but if you click here right now, you can get a 64GB iKlips II at 12 percent off for only $69.

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Atech Micro Bluetooth Receiver

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The Atech Micro Bluetooth Receiver is an affordable way to turn any pair of headphones you own into a wireless set, even those old Ninja Turtles headphones your parents got you as a present to lessen the blow of their impending divorce. You just plug any set of headphones or earbuds into the receiver, and the receiver connects to your device for crystal clear wireless listening. "Cowabunga!" you'll say, right before you cry yourself to sleep. Normally the Atech Micro Bluetooth Receiver retails for $49.99, but right now you can get one at a 60 percent discount for just $19.99.

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Ztylus Revolver M Series iPhone Lens Kit

The Ztylus Revolver M acts as both a nigh-invulnerable case for your iPhone and a six-in-one revolving lens kit, turning your iPhone into a professional-level photographic instrument with enough heft to be used as a self-defense weapon. The kit includes two telephoto lenses, and macro, super macro, wide-angle, and fish eye lenses. It normally sells for $70, but you winsome Cracked readers can jump on a 28 percent discount and get one for $49.99.

Adjustable Laptop Docking Stand

Most of us are dealing with a limited amount of space at the office or in the home or bathroom in which we work, so it would be nice to be able to get your laptop the heck out of the way once you're done using it. Well, look no further than the Adjustable Laptop Docking Stand. It adjusts to hold any size laptop either vertically or horizontally, freeing up some valuable desk real estate without having to toss your computer under the bed or in the bathtub or something. Normally it sells for $129.95, but right now you can get one at 74 percent off for just $32.99.

Only Zuul and this Cracked Alumni phone case can save you from a shattered screen.

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