Flying Dildos Are The New Che Guevara: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

There have been many powerful iconic symbols throughout the history of political dissent. The peace symbol makes us think about how we need to end all wars. The hammer and sickle represents communism, looks great on a t-shirt, and can totally get you laid at certain keggers if you play your cards right. A raised black fist makes us think about those afro picks with black fists for handles, and how cool it would be to have an afro. A crossed-out ghost is great, but the same ghost sticking up two fingers? Not so much. Where do these symbols gain their power, and why do some become iconic while others fall by the wayside? Why is the Batman logo known the world over, while Ripclaw, a Native American cyborg shapeshifter, is remembered only by fans of Native American superheroes? Why do hippies love yin yangs while goths prefer anhks, and why does the color red symbolize the anger everyone feels when they think about hippies and goths? Why did the hooded man standing on a box come to symbolize the Abu Ghraib torture scandal instead of a slice of pizza or a cellular phone? The last answer is simple - because those things are not related to Abu Ghraib in any way shape or form - but the rest? Nobody knows. That being said, I'd like you all to think long and hard (no pun intended) about this video of an interrupted speech by chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov. I don't know what Kasparov's speech was about, I don't know why it was controversial, and I have no idea why someone chose to express their dissent by flying a remote-controlled helicockter into the room, but I do know that whoever did it was clearly a forward-thinking genius who will be forever remembered, even in anonymity, by the annals of history (unlike that shitty Ripclaw guy). Not only did they get their point across, but they inadvertently just created a symbol of dissent that will define our generation for decades to come. Take that, Che Guevara.
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