Does Anyone Actually Give A Shit About Lip-Synching? The Daily Nooner (EST)!

Awesome Video Of The Day Some Band Called Squeeze Squeeze Theeze Pleeze Gets Busted Lip-Synching Whenever I hear about these so-called lip-synching "scandals" it kind of makes me want to kick King Tut in the balls1. What difference does it make if Britney Spears or Ashlee Simpson are actually singing their songs in concert? They've got all that dancing and running around to worry about, and it's pretty much impossible for them to have the lung capacity to do both. Besides, after all of the processing and production that goes into making a studio album, you could probably make the argument that pop vocalists barely even sing their own songs on their RECORDS, let alone in concert. I know they make like trillions of dollars or whatever, but I still think the expectations we're setting for our pop stars are a little bit ridiculous. When I personally go to a concert, yeah, sure, I expect the band to actually perform their songs with real instruments and vocals, but I don't go to very many Britney Spears concerts (only every once in a while). Britney fans don't give a s**t about musicianship, do they?! Aren't they just there to see their favorite singer dancing with all the flashing lights behind her and stuff? When you're in an arena packed with 5,000 screaming 14-year-old girls, you're probably not going to be able to hear anything anyway, right? Why NOT lip-synch? I guess I can think of one really good reason not to lip-synch: it's completely humiliating when you get busted doing it (and completely hilarious to everyone who isn't you). Particularly when it involves falling off of a stage in front of millions of people. Just ask the guy in this video. I don't know who
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Squeeze Squeeze Theeze Pleeze is, but that must have been pretty embarrassing. I hate to give credit to this douche, but the guy played it off about as well as anyone possibly could. By which I mean he didn't burst into tears and bludgeon himself to death with the microphone in front of a live television audience. I'm pretty sure that's the "normal" response in that situation. 1 This is my new favorite expression.
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