Decide Which Course You Need With This Spreadsheet Showdown

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Google Sheets vs. Excel. It's like Kirk vs. Picard, jazz vs. funk, or kilts vs. pants. The choice you make will impact you forever. But how do you choose? Never fear, as we're here to help you at this difficult time. And then we'll find you a training program so that you can get really freaking good at the one you prefer.

Master Google Sheets

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The big, obvious advantage to Google Sheets is that it's free. If you have a Google account, then you already have Google Sheets, sitting there making puppy eyes at you, just waiting for you to come home.

And you should, because Google Sheets is great for collaboration. With Excel, you have to mail every client (or co-worker, or Dungeons & Dragons participant) a separate copy and then consolidate at some later date. With Google Sheets, everyone sees the exact same sheet, since it lives in the cloud.

But perhaps most importantly, Google Sheets is convenient. It may not have all the flashy features that Excel offers, but that makes it far more straightforward to use and easier to explain. If you want to change something, it's likely easy enough for a baby to do. And if you do run into a problem (like if you're working with a particularly dumb baby), you can set up a quick chat window to help work it all out. Of course, the best way to fully take advantage of this program is to take a class that explains all of its important qualities and nuances. So if that's your bag, pick up the Master Google Sheets training kit now, available in the Cracked Store for just $18 (that's 93 percent off its original price of $297).

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But if you're interested in what Excel has to offer, maybe look at ...

The Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle (Lifetime Access)

Despite Google Sheets' sleekness, cheapness, and collaborative capabilities, there's no getting around the fact that Excel is the gold standard of spreadsheet programs. If Google Sheets were a Honda Civic -- reliable, simple, accessible -- Microsoft Excel is a Lamborghini. Made out of gold. With a rocket engine.

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First up, you can use Excel to make any kind of chart. There are bar graphs, flow charts, pie charts, and even "Gantt charts," which we're pretty sure is either made up or a kind of witchcraft. It can automate and manage your workflow, saving you time and typing. People have even managed to create art with Microsoft Excel.

Tatsuo HoriuchiDo you know how dedicated you have to be to make art out of math?

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Excel is the program that most businesses use. If you work in the kind of industry where you mess around with spreadsheets a lot, eventually you're going to collide headfirst with some Excel. And when that happens, you're going to wish you had picked up the Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle, available right now in the Cracked store for just $49 -- 96 percent off its original $1,380 price tag.

Can't decide? You don't have to. Pick up the Ultimate Excel Bootcamp Bundle here, and the Master Google Sheets training kit right now.

For more ways to make your computer work for you, check out The Complete Digital Marketing Course and the Social Media Management Pro Bundle.

And for more reasons to learn the language of the spreadsheet, check out Why Excel Is Still A Valuable Skill On Your Resume.

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