Cut The Cord In 2019 With These 5 Deals

Cut The Cord In 2019 With These 5 Deals

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Watching TV is starting to become kind of a pain. Cable packages seem like the way of the past, and multiple streaming services are splitting up and ambushing your bank account. Luckily, we've got a handful of great deals on cord-cutting options lined up for you. Use the code MERRY15 at checkout to save an additional 15 percent.

ANTOP AT-402B Outdoor/Indoor Digital TV Antenna

Cut The Cord In 2019 With These 5 Deals

ANTOP is a digital antenna that gives you HD-quality access to free over-the-air TV signals without having to mount a gigantic ugly dish and a forest of cables on your roof. With a range of 60-70 miles, you can install the ANTOP out in the boonies and still pick up a crisp, clear signal. And you don't need to worry about buying multiple antennas, because the ANTOP can feed a signal to several different televisions at the same time in full HD. (Also, in case you were wondering, HD is the good one.) The ANTOP AT-402B normally sells for $164.99, but you can click here to take 51 percent off and get it for $79.99. Use the above code to bring the total down to just $67.99.

SelectTV By FreeCast -- One-Year Subscription


SelectTV by FreeCast is the Super Friends of streaming, bringing together over half a million TV episodes, movies, and radio stations in one convenient and easy-to-use guide, which we will refer to as The Guide Of Justice. SelectTV gives you access to a gigantic library of entertainment that you can stream to any device. It also, as we alluded to, consolidates all of your current streaming subscriptions into a single hub, with an included HD antenna that gives you access to live network television in your area. A one-year subscription to SelectTV normally costs $29.99, but you can click here to take 36 percent off to get it for $19. Enter the above code at checkout to drop the total down to just $16.15.

CuriosityStream -- Two-Year Subscription


CuriosityStream might soon become your new best friend, especially if you love documentaries, and double especially if your current best friend is starting to suck. CuriosityStream is a streaming service that gives you access to over 2,000 documentary films and series, including exclusive originals you won't find anywhere else. Watch award-winning content featuring legendary experts like Stephen Hawking and David Attenborough on your TV or virtually any device. You'll be ready to blend in with Earthling culture in no time. Normally a two-year subscription to CuriosityStream costs $40, but you can click here to take 25 percent off and get 24 months of enriching documentary goodness for $29.99. Use the above code to bring the total down even further to just $25.49.

Indoor HDTV Antenna

Cut The Cord In 2019 With These 5 Deals

Tune into live HDTV without shelling out for streaming or cable with this Indoor HDTV Antenna, and watch your favorite TV shows as they air. You know, like Great-Grandma used to do. This slate-shaped antenna gives you access to both HD television and digital signals, so you can pick up local, national, or regional TV no matter what invisible beams of energy they're using to broadcast. Plus, the included Velcro patches allow you to easily mount the antenna almost anywhere, in case you have a mounted television or limited free space in your entertainment center. Normally it sells for $38, but you can click here to take 63 percent off and get one for $13.99. Use the discount code above to drop the total price to just $11.89.

ANTOP AT-4000 4K / Ultra HD TV Antenna


The ANTOP AT-4000 4K/Ultra HD TV Antenna casts a majestic net of invisible glory into the ether, catches high-quality television signals, and then beams them to every TV in your house. The AT-4000 supports HDTV, 1080p TV, and 4K Ultra HD, so you'll always be watching the best picture available. It also supports VHF and UHF signals, in case you've got an older TV or your local channels don't offer a particular show in HD.

Plus, it installs easily either inside or outside of the house, with UV coating and weather-resistant finish to protect it from harsh sunlight and the whims of the elements. It's one of the best digital TV antennas on the market, and if you're tired of shelling out for cable and streaming services, the ANTOP AT-4000 is a no-brainer. Normally it sells for $129.99, but you can click here right now to take 38 percent off and get one for $79.99. Use the above code to bring the price down even further to just $67.99.

Settle in with your sparkly new cord-cutting products and stream Tron Of The Dead and American Psycho. What else are you gonna do over Winter break?

And in case you just can't cut that cord completely, you can at least Say Goodbye To Broken, Frayed Cables Forever.

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