Celebrate America With These 10 Presidential Deals

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Sure, apple pie is tasty, but nothing truly says "America" like riding around on a scooter blasting Imagine Dragons on Bluetooth headphones while piloting a drone through someone's organized Quidditch practice. In honor of President's Day, we've rounded up the best deals on all the awesome gadgets George Washington definitely would've bought, had the science of his day only given him the chance.

Flowboard Air Aluminum Electric Scooter

Zip past those foolish enough to walk on your next commute with the Flowboard Air Aluminum Electric Scooter. This totally eco-friendly scooter can scoot you along at up to 15 mph, and folds up for extra portability and storage. Normally it sells for $349, but today you can save 14 percent and get one for just $299.

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TRNDlabs Spectre Drone

The Spectre is TRNDlabs' most powerful drone yet, with a range of up to 50 meters and an HD camera for recon against potential enemies. (That is, the pigeons nesting on your balcony.) It has built-in LED lights for night flying, and IRIS VR support for a first-person view, so you can experience what it would be like to soar as an eagle in an attempt to enact pigeon justice. Normally the Spectre sells for $149, but today you can save 53 percent and take advantage of an additional price drop to get one for just $69.

TRNDlabs Ventura Wireless Headphones

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These Bluetooth 4.0 headphones boast 40mm drivers and a range of up to 10 meters, so you could set your phone down for a charge and still finish rocking out to your favorite song in perfect clarity. A full battery gives you up to 10 hours of listening time, and the soft foam ear cups make for a loving hug for the sides of your head. Normally they sell for $99, but today you can save 59 percent and get a pair for just $40.

B-2 BLITZ Tactical Pocket Knife

This powerful, compact pocket knife sports a tanto blade for heavy-duty sawing and prying. That means it won't snap in half while you're attempting to look cool popping the top off a beer bottle in front of all your friends. It has an extra thick handle for a stronger grip, and slides easily into any pocket or fashionable clutch. Normally the B-2 BLITZ sells for $75, but today you can save 53 percent and get one for $35.

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AirTaps True Wireless Earbuds With Water Resistance

If you need a strong set of earbuds for your workout and/or trek through a monsoon, check out the AirTaps True Wireless Earbuds. With IPX-certified water and sweat resistance and up to four hours of listening time, these earbuds will be your best friend at the gym, on a run through a torrential downpour, or even around the house under a flood warning. Normally they sell for $79.99, but today you can save 51 percent and get a pair for $39.

CBD Gummies 500mg

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If you're looking for a delicious way to ease pain, reduce stress, get better sleep, and generally feel better, check out a jar of CBD Gummies. They're made with CBD hemp isolate grown in the USA, with about 9mg of CBD per bear, plus a sweet and slightly sour flavor. Imagine super mellow Sour Patch Kids. Normally a jar of CBD Gummies sells for $40, but right now you can save 25 percent and get one for just $29.99.

Army Gear Ultimate LED Bundle

If you were planning on taking your family into the great outdoors this spring, you'd be remiss to leave home without the Army Gear Ultimate LED Bundle. These LED lights are lightweight and weatherproof, making them ideal for whatever midnight kayaking trip your spouse drags you out on. Normally this set of three tactical lights costs $99.99, but today you can save 74 percent and get them for just $25.

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Saberlight Bolt

The Saberlight Bolt is a lighter that uses plasma (the ionized gas kind, not the blood kind), and it is completely windproof and splash-proof. It can light any grill, candle, or bundle of sticks, even if Poseidon himself is blowing cheek-fulls of wet ocean at your backyard barbecue. Normally it sells for $99.99, but today you can save 80 percent and get one for just $19.99.

Just Mobile AluCharge Ultra Slim Four-Port Rapid USB Charger

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The AluCharge can quickly charge up to four USB devices at once, and it fits easily in your pocket, so you can be a hero at your next party if the DJ's iPad starts to run out of juice. It also sports intelligent charging technology, meaning each of your devices gets the exact amount of power it needs without overloading. Normally it sells for $49.95, but today you can save 20 percent and get one for $39.95.

ANTOP AT-402B Outdoor/Indoor Digital TV Antenna

ANTOP gives you HD-quality access to free over-the-air TV signals, without you needing to mount a gigantic ugly dish and a forest of cables on your roof. You also don't need to worry about buying multiple antennas, because the ANTOP can feed a signal to several different televisions at the same time in full HD. So you'll always be watching the best-quality picture of Divorce Court available. The ANTOP AT-402B normally sells for $164.99, but today you can save 51 percent and get one for $79.99.

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The Moon Is A Lie but Teddy Roosevelt isn't! Woo, presidents!

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