Become A Virtual Snake Charmer With These Python Bundles

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Whether you are in the mood for a career change, have an interest in programming and development, or you're like us and just enjoy things that are named after snakes (Ain't no shame in the Cobra Kai, y'all), you need to check out the Python Power Coder Bonus Bundle. Python is the fourth most popular programming language currently in use (but at least second or third in our hearts) and is used in video games, web applications, visual effects programs, 3D animation, finance algorithms for automatic stock trading, and even artificial intelligence projects. Python is everywhere, and developers who understand the language are in demand like buttons at a snowman factory.

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With the Power Coder Bundle, you'll get 70 hours of training that will teach you everything from the very basics of Python 3 to step by step instructions on building programs and apps. That's several Lord of the Rings trilogies worth of in-depth tutelage spread across 8 courses, including:

The Developer's Guide to Python 3 Programming

These 22 lectures are on the very basics of the Python language and are designed for even a green-eared, wide-eyed, dumb-faced coding newbie to understand. Eventually, you will learn how to code your very own program.

The Python Mega Course

The best way to learn a coding language is to actually code with it, and over the course of 172 lessons, this module will have you build ten real-world applications in Python, including web and database applications (read: the kinds of applications that major organizations will rain cash down upon you for.)

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The Complete Computer Vision Course With Python

"Computer vision" sounds like a pair of special glasses that let you see the world in binary, but it actually just refers to the kind of programming that allows self-driving cars, Google Image searches, and Snapchat and Instagram filters to work. This course will teach you how to use Python to build and implement those tools, which are in crazy high demand right now.

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Aside from these courses, you'll also learn how to build entire websites using Python and more. All told, you'll receive lifetime access to over 300 lessons and 70 hours of instruction in Python programming, accessible 24/7 for you to learn at your own convenience and become a hero of coding. Normally, the Python Power Coder Bundle retails for $1,075, but if you click here right now, you can take advantage of a mind-blowing 95% discount and get the entire bundle for just $44.

Don't stop here! Check out the Pay What You Want: Absolute Python Bundle and the Pay What You Want: Total Python Machine Learning Bundle.

STILL want more? Sentient Computers Will Bow To YOU With This Python Bundle. And watch out for snakes.

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