Become A Mad Data Scientist With This Affordable Bundle

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When people think "data scientist," they usually think Nate Silver and not much else. But there are plenty of other avenues for a career in data science, even if you aren't interested in baseball stat predictions or missed political forecasts. (We kid! They called it much closer than most.) Every major industry is now looking to data to make informed decisions, and because data science requires ample experience with statistical math and computer programming, competent workers are in high demand.

Become A Mad Data Scientist With This Affordable Bundle

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The Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle can help you become one of those competent workers, and once you're all trained up, these are some of the industries that will come a-callin' first:


If you hear the phrase "human genome" and think, "What about the human A, B, C, D, E, and F-nome?" then internet comedy might be for you. Because that joke is BRILLIANT, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But if your thoughts are a smidgen more sophisticated, then the biotech industry could use your help. Sequencing the human genome and mapping the 10,000-plus microbes in the human microbiome are two ever-evolving projects which could lead to countless technological advancements. (Think full-body disease scans a la Star Trek.) But in order to get there, they need data scientists to interpret their findings into something more prescient than, "Yep, that's a lot of microbes."

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It might seem like the only numbers the energy industry cares about are the ones that start with a dollar sign, but many companies are using big data to improve the efficiency of electrical grids in major cities. Tracking power consumption patterns for entire populations allows them to predict outages, match supply to demand, and vastly simplify maintenance when aging lines go down. Optimizing how humans use resources might not sound too sexy on paper, but it could literally save the planet, and that's exactly how we suggest framing your job when talking about it later on at the bar.

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If you've ever used a navigation app to knock a good half hour off of your commute, then you've seen the power of crowdsourced traffic data. But those apps have also probably led you down some bizarre back alleys to nowhere, and one time into a building which you're pretty sure was a fight club. The point is that travel can always get safer and more efficient. One day, we could live in a world where leaving the office at 5 p.m. didn't relegate you to highway purgatory, and you could help build that world.

This Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle is being offered in the Cracked Shop for hundreds off the usual price. Throughout 85 hours of content, you'll learn how to mine data, process it with the R programming language, and visualize results with Tableau. You can get this comprehensive training course here for just $49.

Superheroes are so overrated. We'll take Silver Sagan and Tesla: God of Thunder any day.

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