Become A Bitcoin Billionaire With This Easy Bundle

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If you're anywhere between the ages of 18 and 35 and you're at a party, there's a good chance that a) someone will pee all over the toilet seat, and b) someone will start a conversation about Bitcoin. You're going to want to hang out with the Bitcoin crowd, and it's not just because the alternative involves a mop and ugly crying. The Bitcoin market has exploded like two hydrogen atoms getting jiggy with it. As of this writing, one Bitcoin is worth about $10,000, and there really isn't an end in sight. You can learn how to wrangle the Bitcoin boom with OneMonth's Bitcoin & Blockchain Bundle. We've got this pair of video tutorials in the Cracked Shop for only $16, down from our normal $19 price and just a fraction of its $128 value. Here's what you'll be learning:

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Become A Bitcoin Billionaire With This Easy Bundle

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Some of you might be asking "But what is a Bitcoin? Is that like a piece of coin that's chipped off a larger coin?" Well, not quite. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency -- a digital asset that's secured by a series of algorithmic encryptions. Basically, it's digital money, and it's speculated that it might be the currency of the future. OneMonth's Bitcoin & Blockchain Bundle will teach the best ways to buy, sell, store, and exchange Bitcoin for other currencies, crypto or otherwise. After you've set up a Coinbase account with an initial 5 USD deposit, you can get advice on how to set up a Trezor hardware wallet -- a secure cold storage method for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Become A Bitcoin Billionaire With This Easy Bundle

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Once you're familiar with how to participate in the crypto-economy, it's probably a good idea to learn how it all works under the hood. OneMonth's Bitcoin & Blockchain Bundle will teach blockchain technology well enough to explain it to a child and probably most dolphins. See, here's the thing: Trading Bitcoin in and of itself isn't too hard. But the key to financial success will be understanding how and why Bitcoin works, as well as the market and investment strategies surrounding it. Master those elements, and you'll be swimming in Bitcoins, baby! (Which is purely metaphorical, because again, Bitcoin is a digital currency.)

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To get familiar with the advantages of digital currencies and the reasons they were first implemented, as well as blockchain's potential applications outside of currency, you can pick up both OneMonth Bitcoin and OneMonth Blockchain together from our store for just $16.

The system is Broken By Design. But with this course, you'll be a Billionaire Playboy in no time.

Fatten your wallet the traditional way with You'll Have Mo' Money & Less Problems With These 4 Courses.

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