Are You Full Of Weird Trivia & Know Photoshop? We'll Pay You

SHORT VERSION: If you have a love of trivia and/or a knack for looking up interesting facts, and possess some rudimentary Photoshop skills, we have paying work for you. You'll be making collections of images like 12 Faded Celebrities With Secret Lives In Cartoons. Here's a sample:

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Once you make an account, you can join our Workshop and start submitting stuff. Click these words to request access to the Workshop. Then hit this post to start submitting stuff. Or you can keep reading below. And yes, Cracked is a real site that actually pays its contributors. We've been around a long time, and our parent company has been around even longer. This is not a scam to abduct you and harvest your organs. Ask around!


The internet is full of "interesting fact" images like this:

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Brief text on a pic with a factoid, life hack, or quote that is absolute bullshit. Not only did Einstein never say that, but it would be a bizarre thing for a scientist to say. Performing experiments multiple times often gets different results! That's why you do it!

So we here at Cracked decided years ago to play a devious prank on the internet: to flood it with thousands of memes that are actually true. We have branded these "Pictofacts," for obvious reasons (they are "acts" of "pictof"). They range from serious (Genius Police Work That Caught Criminals Red-Handed) to lighthearted (12 Common Things That Your Big Dumb Brain Remembers Wrong) to everything in between (14 Mesmerizing Machines That Run The World Behind The Scenes). And they are made by people like you, for money, and are edited and fact-checked by people like us.

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They pay $14 per image, and collections can have up to 25 images, for a maximum payout of $350. If you're good at writing but suck at Photoshop, or vice-versa, you can team up with a partner and split the money.

These are pitched and submitted through our message board at this link. To post, you'll need to sign up for a Cracked account, obviously. Then you'll need to request access to the Workshop. Here's where you do that. On the board, you'll find every additional detail you could possibly want, plus rules for how to format images -- all of that stuff. Editors are around to answer questions.

If all of that sounds like too big of a project, we also have open submission contests, where every week we post five different premises, anybody is free to submit individual entries, and we pick the winners, who then get some money. You can find those contest threads, as well as information about prize payouts and such by clicking these words.

But if you're interested in creating entire sets of facts/images yourself and getting up to $350 per set to do it, here are those links: Request access here. Pitch your ideas here.

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