Amazon Rules The World, Steer Into The Skid With This Bundle

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Amazon has made online shopping so easy that you're probably reading this in a castle built entirely out of Nintendo Switch boxes, but did you know that Amazon doesn't actually make a significant profit from e-commerce? "How can a multi-billion-dollar shopping website not make money off shoppers?" you may wonder aloud in your impenetrable fortress of empty game cases. Well, wonder no more. The secret to Amazon's profitability is Amazon Web Services (AWS), which offers cloud computing solutions for people and businesses alike.

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AWS generates over $1 billion in operating profit, while the rest of Amazon only generates about $347 million. From 2016 to 2017 alone, AWS revenue jumped by more than 40 percent. Basically, what we're saying is that if you were a cartoon who just heard about AWS, giant dollar signs would be popping out of your eyes by now.

But how do you get in on the AWS action? You need to beef up your AWS skills and get certified. It's imperative for AWS to run smoothly, meaning engineers who are skilled in AWS are extremely in demand and will continue to be for a long time. Your potential employers will be so much more impressed with your resume if you can prove that you know all about S3, EC2, Lambda, Route 53, and Amazon's other web services. Essentially, jobs will fall into the laps of certified AWS engineers like tender meat falling off a bone.

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We're offering the Amazon Web Services Certification Training Mega Bundle in the Cracked shop for $69. Anywhere else, these courses would cost $1,300, but you can prepare for AWS certification at a much better price if you enroll now.

From Georgia to Florida: Where America Goes To Die, Amazon can have your Space Cowboy gear to your door in just two hours. God bless America.

Further your Amazon domination and check out Print Your Own Money With This Amazon Web Services Bundle.

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