A Pocket-Sized Arcade Game? Here, Take All The Money

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We love video games as much as anyone, but hoo boy have they gotten pretty wild. Our horse got mad at us for not brushing it enough in Red Dead Redemption 2, our son ran off in God Of War, and while we were playing Fallout we accidentally contracted intestinal parasites. (In the game!) What we're getting at is that maybe there's a middle ground where you can enjoy a game that's just, ya know, a game, and not a digital digestive system simulator.

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That's where this Tempest Replicade comes in. With this mini-arcade that fits in one hand, you can travel almost 30 years into the past and enjoy a little piece of video game history. You may remember that Tempest was one of the first video games to feature varied level design (instead of faster-paced reiterations of the previous level), as well as multiple enemies and even the "continue" option (back then called "SkillStep").

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The Replicade X Tempest machine is built out of wood and metal, with a flawlessly accurate control panel, backlit LED marquee, and authentic Tempest artwork, making it the only video game console in your home that will actually double as luxury furniture. The "Coin Return" and "Free to Play" buttons have been repurposed as a way to add credits to your play time, and the diecast coin door hides a secret storage compartment that you can fill with money, candy, or anything else you can fit inside. Best of all, the game is running the original Tempest ROM (not a modern update), so you can be guaranteed the full 1981 experience.

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So stop smashing your PS4 controller against the wall and unwind with something a little more old-fashioned, relaxing, and fun. With an official license from Atari and over 20 years of game design experience on the team, the Replicade Tempest X Arcade is the best miniaturized classic gaming experience you'll find anywhere. Normally $119.99, you can pick yours up in the Cracked Shop for just $99.99.

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