Here's What You Need To Know About Our Stand-Up Comedy Show

Hi, friend! I'm Alex Schmidt, here with a 30-second rundown of The Cracked Stand-Up Show.

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The show's this Thursday at 7 p.m. at the NerdMelt Showroom (home of The Nerdist Podcast, Harmontown, The Meltdown With Jonah And Kumail, and more awesome stuff). And you can get a ticket to our show here!

Anyway, I promised you a 30-second guide. So with the clock running down, here's proof that this is an unmissable lineup of comedians (with extra YouTube-based evidence). We've got:


Teresa Lee

That's right, Cracked's own Teresa Lee! Writer and producer of funny sketches like this one:

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Greg Edwards

Did you know the host of Thug Notes does stand-up?

Well he does! And he's great!

Matt McCarthy

You know him from Conan, We Watch Wrestling, and those great Nolan Batman parodies with Pete Holmes:

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Aparna Nancherla

She wrote for Seth Meyers, she made one of the best stand-up specials of 2016, and I still don't know how we got her.

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Nikki Glaser

Holy cow, we ALSO got the host of Not Safe With Nikki Glaser? The comedian whose hour-long Comedy Central special was literally perfect?

YES, WE DID GET HER. She's on the show too. Because it's a good show. You should come. Again, you can get tickets here. And before our time's up, let me say tha-

Alex Schmidt is a staff video writer for Cracked, with a Twitter and a newsletter and a disciplined approach to time limits.

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