31 Inspirational Tumblr Photos, Adjusted for Honesty

The social blogging site Tumblr is used for a lot of things: news, running memes into the ground, Harry Potter gifs, and reblogging the Daily What. It's also where tweens and hipsters go to inspire the hopes and dreams of hipsters and tweens. They do this through pictures taken with Instagram, and words taken with a grain of salt. Herein you will discover the most dreamspirational and completely non-pretentious photos that Tumblr has to offer. After I make a few adjustments.

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Cody Johnston is the hopes of his dreams. He frequents Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook because that's just how things are these days for people who work on the internet. He also has a Fake Twitter, Fake Tumblr, and Fake Facebook because that's just how things are for him.

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