2 New 'Star Wars' Shirts (Plus an Epic Sale for Sci-Fi Fans)

If it wasn't immediately obvious, Cracked has a little crush on Star Wars. It might even be fair to call it an obsession, if you wanted to make it ugly. In fact, we drove way the hell out in the woods and slathered ourselves in paint just to make the kind of Star Wars sequel we know Disney doesn't have the balls to make. And we'd do it again, because when it comes to doing Star Wars right, we always go the extra 12 parsecs.

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What you're looking at there is the logo for our brand new original series, Adventures in Jedi School. And assuming you like it so much that you're also eager to wear it, we've got you literally covered. Brand new in the Cracked Dispensary is the Adventures in Jedi School T-shirt, and it's on sale this week. But it's only available in limited quantities.

Or, if you're into slow, calculated purchasing decisions when honoring your love of Star Wars ...


We Found Those Droids You Were Looking For!

Long before Her and Robot and Frank and The Fact That You Would Die in a Day Without Your Smartphone, Yes, You, there was Luke and his Uncle Owen popping tags with Jawas. And they weren't just buying machines. They were buying friendship and love and a shiny metal comedy team (and initially, that lemon of an R5 that broke before it even got off the lot).

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Celebrate the technology that makes your life possible a long time ago in a galaxy too far from here to be relevant.

This shirt comes to us from Sulaco for a contest asking for shirts that must exist in fictional universes. It's new, and it's also on sale, because we like you, theoretically, and holy shit, we love Star Wars.

We're Also Offering a Huge Sci-Fi Sale All Week

We're celebrating our new show with a new deal on sci-fi related tees:

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From Star Wars-as-vacation-spot to Star Trek-as-politics to RoboCop-with-skateboards, we're sure there's something here you'll buy from us cheaply and wear for a long time. All of them are 15 percent off with promo code SCIFIWEEK.

We're STILL Looking for Ideas for Adorable Cultural Icons, Terrifyingly Reimagined!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, your T-shirt idea only came to life if you knew the one hippie who owned a silk-screening thingy. Now you can delete that guy's (beeper) number, because the Internet allows us to band together and make awesome tees for the whole world to enjoy.

Our ongoing T-shirt design contest can be found right here. We want ideas for adorable cultural icons, terrifyingly reimagined, like Cookie Monster as a monster or a Berenstain Big Brother Bear. You have until 4 p.m. PST on January 31 (that's Friday!) to send us something so brilliant, we can't not throw cash at you.

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Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

The best T-shirts make an impression right away. Comparing them to lame tees is like comparing Boba Fett in the good movies to Boba Fett in the pointless backstory movies. We scour the Internet every week for designs worth fighting above a sarlacc pit for, and the moment we saw these five, we knew they were right up your alley:


Available from Wear Viral

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Available from Glennz Tees


Available from RedBubble


Available from Shirtoid


Available from Threadless

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