2 New Shirts for 'Taxi Driver' and 'American Psycho' Fans

New York City: It was scary in the '70s, way richer and still scary in the '80s, a great place to go without your parents in the '90s, and now ... they do the NFL Draft there? Point is, it's inspired movies from Annie Hall to elements of Babe: Pig in the City, and we think a few of those movie classics deserve their very own T-shirt tributes.

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For all the complaining we do about Hollywood (and we complain quite a lot), we can also be thankful for the times they got it right. One of those times? Not making Taxi Driver 2. Modern Hollywood might've taken that kind of "action franchise," given it a CGI spit shine, recast it with Ice Cube, and then run it into the ground at every non-porn theater they could find. But '70s Hollywood kind of sort of got the idea that a good thing should last for a limited time only. So here's an artfully designed way to celebrate your Bickle fandom (designed by chattering to yourself in the mirror).

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And as terrifying as it is when somebody finally completely loses their shit, it's something a film director can create iconic shot after iconic shot from. This new tee designed by forum member Alexootz will elevate you to "nicest business card" status among any group of fans of movies, horror, and/or Christian Bale's butt. Plus you know any white T-shirt makes the perfect emergency undershirt, right? Not all of us have laundry service and secretaries and the latest in mobile technology to help us run our lives, ya know. Gotta think practically.


Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Summer is coming. That may not evoke the epic gravitas of hearing that winter is coming, but it's coming all the same. You need to lay in as many comfy tees as you can, because just when you get comfortable in one you like, your armpits will decide it's time for you to Superman-change in your next private moment. We scour the Internet weekly for the best new T-shirts, and we cannot recommend these enough as handy alternatives to our shirts when your body rebels and demands fresh swag.
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Available at Design By Humans.

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