2 New Shirts for 'Planet of the Apes' and Zombie Movie Fans

Don't you think it's time your favorite characters got to be in one movie? And we don't mean in that Avengers + Wolverine + Spider-Man way that can't happen because of rights issues. We mean Batmobiles in Star Wars and Indiana Jones in the next Captain America and even (dare we say it) Air Bud in Space Jam 2. It's fiction! It should be fun! And until Hollywood really gets that, we'll just have to keep putting the best crossovers ever on snappy new tees.

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Let's not act like today's super dramatic Serkis-frown Apes franchise didn't come from the silliest epics of yesteryear. And let's not forget that for being a children's series, Curious George lands in some bad s**t (hospitals, animal prisons) all the time. That's why these two universes come together so perfectly: once the FOOL in the Yellow Hat teaches his simian charge everything he knows, there's nothing left to stop the Golden Gate Bridge from becoming a battlefield. This design from Cracked regular Josh Geiser tells that entire story in one shirt, and can be yours for the likely ticket price of First Blood of the Planet of the Serkis 3D.

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Is it weird that most zombie movies leave their characters without technology, like, immediately? Wouldn't there at least be a short period where you still have 4G LTE as you flee the shambling dead? This shirt is another Geiser joint and pulls George A. Romero into the faraway tech future (of the '80s). It's a battle between robots and zombies that should be making you very angry Robots vs. Zombies hasn't happened yet. Wear it and imagine that the record-tossing scene from Shaun of the Dead was happening with Jeff Bridges light-frisbees instead.


Last Chance for Our New Design Contest: Children's Characters Dropped Into R-Rated Movies

You're a Cracked fan, which means you're probably full of ideas. It's why so many Cracked fans become Cracked writers. And we need your help coming up with new shirt ideas for children's characters dropped into R-rated movies. Are the cars from Cars how Ryan Gosling scorpion-jacketed around L.A. in Drive? Is Lambchop the right detective for a Silence of the Lambs reboot? You probably have better concepts in your brain right now, so mock them up and post them here by Friday. We don't demand Photoshop perfection right away, we won't use your design without paying you, and we just want you to help us dress the world.

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Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

You know who else helps us dress the world? Other T-shirt sites. Most of them are lame, but a few of them are killing it so hard we just have to show you their new designs and feel intense, friendly, intense jealousy toward them. Our five favorites are below, so stock up on that badass style before they sell out or whatever.

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Available at Design by Humans

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Available at Shirt.Woot

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Available at Threadless

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Available at Design By Humans


Available at Redbubble

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