2 New Shirts for 'Futurama' and Mario Fans

Love. Death. Creepy living heads. These and more powerful themes can be found in your favorite cartoons and artwork. Because, sure, the Oscars have a big golden boner for live action. But anybody who's consumed great grownup entertainment knows it can hit you just as hard in illustrated form. With that in mind, here are our latest Society6 designs, crafted to celebrate the times when stuff people drew made us laugh, cry, and be glad Richard Nixon no longer speaks.

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It's easy to mistake an artist who's the Van Gogh of spray-painted rats for someone who doesn't have much heart ... until you see his most popular piece. And it's easy to mistake a robot who's the Don Rickles of possessing a shiny metal ass for being just an alcoholic, whore-mongering, chain-smoking gambler ... until you reach the end of the episode and see his "Do Not Kill" list-making soft side. This heartwarmer by Redbubble's own Alberto Arni brings that quality out and looks great on any item you'd put it on. And never assume anyone's out to terminate your heart, because the love throughout our world is as simple and undeniable as binary code.

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You might think the Mario universe is a cute cartoon antidote to the gritty brutality of gaming's Call of Duty aesthetic. But you're forgetting the underground fireballs, creepy pipe systems, constant death faces, and other horrors everybody's favorite mushroom-lovin' plumber faces daily. And this design from Redbubble regular Letter-Q highlights the spookiest element of Shigeru Miyamoto's Wes Cravenly horrifying worlds: There are ghosts with shark teeth, like, everywhere. Get this on a print for your gaming den, a T-shirt for your gaming body, or whatever other item you think oughta feature an animated seance.


Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Society6 makes wonderful clothes, and not just the stuff with our designs on it. But what about the rest of the Internet, you ask? Well, you've got games to play and TV to watch and tales of Vince McMahon villainy to read. You don't have time to scour the 'nets for the best new T-shirts or assemble them into one handy list. Luckily, we do (our jobs RULE), so here's what you should be giving yourself the chance to wear as soon as you can.

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Available at BustedTees

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Available at Society6

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