2 New Shirts for 'Doctor Who' and 'Batman' Fans

Why do whimsical mystery-solvers of the past turn into sexy badasses of the present? Sherlock Holmes, Batman, Tom Baker in a bad scarf ... something about the passing years makes us want them just as detail-oriented, just as brave, but transmogrified into cute boys (like, say, this dishy fella). It's kept those long-running heroes just as relevant today as they were decades ago, and if you're a fan you could use something fresh to show it. From, say, a certain online store. Our store. Buy stuff. Please.

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He's not technically a medical doctor. (Unless he is? Who can keep track of all that canon?) But think about it: nothing says "do no harm" more than being a galaxy-trotting hero with a menagerie of enemies, and yet still not relying on something so violent/useful as a gun. This design-contest-winning idea from KelsoMclovin is perfect for that one friend of yours in med school, or that friend of yours who knows a Fendahl when they see one, or that friend of yours who (SPOILER!) was actually you all along. ALSO: if you're looking for the recent hit design that got us started on our new Whovian kick, there's a shirt for that.

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If you're primarily a movie fan, your enjoyment of Bane has had the kind of character-retcon experience usually reserved for X-Men or wrasslers. He went from veiny Uma-henchman in the '90s to trilogy-completing mega badass in the '10s, and who can deny it didn't have at least a little to do with fashion? This epic villain-party has long been one of our top-selling designs, and not only can Society6 sell it to you on any number of T-shirt colors, we've decided to offer it in a whole new camo print for your fashion pleasure.


We Regenerated a Few Weeks Back ...

And our new store has much more than new kidneys: it's a whole world of cheaper T-shirts, new cuts of tees, and did we mention we do hoodies now?

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We can also dress your walls, your duvet, and your technology.

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And don't forget to follow Society6 on social media, because that's how you'll know when they can ship our clothes, mugs, tote bags, and more to you for free. (But whatever the case, don't wait too long to order, because holidays.)

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

It's winter, you're cold, and more shirts would help no matter where they come from. That argument's a perfectly acceptable excuse to not limit your online clothes shopping to Society6 (although, again, did we mention we do hoodies now? As in, garments warmer than T-shirts?). So here are our favorite new designs from across the Internet. We just want you to look even nicer than you already do and hope you'll get these tees or our swag or something for yourself. Go nuts. You deserve it.


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Available at Design by Humans


Available at Threadless

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Available at TShirt Laundry


Available at Shirt.Woot

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