12 Musical Jokes About LOST

Before we get into the tunes, have you seen the latest episode of LOST BABIES?
Episode 23:  Nap Together, Cry Alone

On to the tunes...

JOKE 1: The Secrets Of Benjamin Linus
A simple tribute to the best character on television. JOKE 2: WTF Is The Island?
I ask the one question that will probably not be answered by the time the show ends.  I also give some great theories. JOKE 3: Sudden Jinfant Death Syndrome
If you don't like the title, feel free to call it something else.  There are jinfinite possibilities (pun-wise). JOKE 4: Nikki And Paulo's Only Fan
Spoiler Alert:  It's Hitler. JOKE 5: Party of LOST
This not only tackles the Matthew Fox connection, but it also tackles an important issue: LOST Parties. JOKE 6: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 Things (Version 108)
There are so many things this song could be about... JOKE 7: LOST Hiatus Benefit Concert
LOST went off the air for a week.  All of the characters got together to raise money to bring it back on the air, which it was going to do anyway... JOKE 8: The Problem With Sawyer
No matter what happens to Sawyer, he only needs to ask one question to assess the situation. JOKE 9: My Awesome LOST Theories
Everyone has their LOST theory.  These are mine.  I thought about them for a long time. JOKE 10: One Song Later
We are not as dumb as the writers sometimes think we are... JOKE 11: A Lockework Orange
A less-simple tribute to one of the best characters on television.
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