15 Kyle Kinane Jokes for the Hall of Fame

‘I don’t understand why the people that play a lottery aren’t more afraid of lightning. Like if you believe in those odds, shouldn’t you? ‘Hey, I’ve got 20 bucks on the Pick 5. Is that a storm? Oh, shit!’’

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Rubik's Cube Sucks. Shashibo Is Better.

Rubik's Cube Sucks. Shashibo Is Better.

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Ever since the Rubik's cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian architect Ernõ Rubik (that’s not a joke, that’s his actual name), it has delighted and enraged children and adults alike all over the world until just now, because now the Shashibo Shape Shifting Box with 36 Rare Earth Magnets exists. If you’re one of those nerds who mastered the Rubik’s cube in fourth grade and now pointedly yawn whenever anyone mentions it, you’d better buckle up.

The patented, award-winning Shashibo box is made with 36 rare earth magnets that can transform into more than 70 shapes within a cube. It’s been an Innovative Patented Product Toy of The Year Finalist for the last three years because it provides practically endless hours of fun, even for really smart people. The unique, high-quality design is durably constructed of premium injection-mold plastic, the rare earth magnets, and a tear-proof matte or high-gloss surface that fits comfortably in your hands. It offers virtually unlimited creative possibilities, with many, many elusive tricks and techniques that will make you feel like you're approaching something really cool only to stomp on your dreams and spit in your face. 

If you’re some kind of genius who masters the Shashibo box right away, first of all, alert the government to your existence, but you can also collect and connect two or more Shashibos to build even larger shapes and get even wackier with your designs. If you’re of humbler stock, rest assured that no matter how furious you get, you can throw Shashibo or drown it in water and it’ll be just fine. It’ll even remain visually pleasing, just to spite you.

Whether you know a super nerd or you are a super nerd, the Shashibo Shape Shifting Box with 36 Rare Earth Magnets provides endless hours of fun. Get it for 59% off $42 at just $16.99 in Blue Planet, Black/White, or Blue designs. (And there are even more to collect.)

Prices are subject to change.

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