How To Create A Home Theater You Never Want To Leave

How To Create A Home Theater You Never Want To Leave

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Let's face it, you're gonna watch trashy (and occasionally prestigious) television no matter what device you have available. No TV? You'll use your laptop. No laptop? You'll use your phone. No phone? You'll use the wall of TVs at the Best Buy, where you live after closing. But might we propose actually getting a home theater setup that's worthy of your binging prowess? We've got a few ideas on how to do it.

Get Your Lighting Right

If you've found yourself drowning in eye drops after your 48th cycle of Parks and Rec, consider some bias lighting, basically a light source behind your TV that improves contrast, decreases eye fatigue and headaches, and improves your viewing experience. This easy-to-install backlighting kit is powered by USB and simply sticks to your TV. Even your dumbass roommate can manage that. Use the included remote to cycle between 16 static colors and four dynamic modes to add screen contrast or just keep yourself busy during commercial breaks. $21.99 (reg. $29)

Set Up Your Sound

If you already have a TV you like, you may just be a sound system away from the dream home theater experience. It's no secret that the speakers built into most TVs are kind of the worst, so ditch that noise bouncing off the walls and get the audio clarity you deserve by adding a soundbar to your situation. A dedicated speaker designed to bring you one step closer to a cinema-like feel, with its proper handling of sound direction and volume, will do just that. With four full-range drivers and 3-D surround sound, the HyperGear SonicBoom 2-in-1 detachable soundbar offers crisp dialogue, detailed mids, and deep dynamic base performance for $79.99 (reg. $89).

Upgrade To A Projector

If you're really honest with yourself, a 70" TV just isn't enough, but it's such a pain in the butt to move. Go wild and make the switch to a projector. The obvious perk here is that you can go big -- really big -- but projectors also offer a more comfortable viewing experience because they reflect light, whereas a TV produces and discharges light. This heavy-duty Ultra HD 1080P Intelligent Home Projector casts to a 200" screen for a true theater-like cinematic experience at home, plus you can connect it to your phone via Wi-Fi or plug it in with an HDMI adapter. $79.95 (reg. $199)

Get The Right Screen For Your Projector

You may think that white wall in your basement is just fine, but there's no better way to discover just how scuffed up and/or not white your wall is than to try to watch Speed on it. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to a real-deal projection screen that'll have the right reflective properties, be the right color, and give you more control over visual quality, like this 100" Freestanding Portable Front & Rear Projection Screen that has a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio made to work with that ultra-HD projector. $59.99 (reg. $299)

Take Your Home Theater Experience On The Go

To really vibe it up, take it outside and soak up those summer nights with a projector that's designed to go where you go. The Mini Portable Smart Projector is pre-loaded with Android 9.0 to let you download apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video to project all of your favorites indoors or out up to 150 inches and easily fits in a bag, so you can bust it out in even the least appropriate situations. Worried about audio? Don't be: It has a 5W Bluetooth speaker built in. $265.99 (reg.$469)

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