Don't You Dare Forget Mother's Day

Don't You Dare Forget Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is almost a full month away, so you have no excuse for not raining down gifts on the most important lady in your life like some kind of indulgent Old Testament God. Seriously, put it on your calendar. We're not telling you about this deal until you've circled May 8 with a big fat Sharpie in your mom's favorite color. (You do know her favorite color, don't you?)

Alright, now lean in close, because we're giving you an absolute layup this year. You can never go wrong with flowers on Mother's Day, but they can be so expensive that they'll make you long for the days of homemade coupon books, so right now, we're offering a Mother's Day Special of 24 Mixed Color Roses Shipped for Only $39.99.

This special deal comes from Rose Farmers, the OG when it comes to sourcing and shipping farm-fresh roses all over the country. They work with only the best rose farms around the country to source an elite collection of roses that they expertly curate, ship, and make you look good for any occasion. They knock other sellers out of the park when it comes to the beauty and elegance of their products.

Obviously, Mom deserves the best, which means she deserves roses from Rose Farmers, and with this deal, you won't even have to spend all that much. For a limited time, you can get two dozen gorgeous long-stem roses delivered to the continental United States with shipping included, all for more than half off the retail price. Rose Farmers will even curate the bouquet, combining a selection of mixed color roses that will make your mom want to make you breakfast in bed.

You can order now and schedule delivery for Mother's Day, so what are you waiting for? This Mother's Day Special offers 24 roses shipped for 53% off $85 at just $39.99.

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Prices are subject to change.

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