Enough with the Gym. This Platform Makes Home Workouts Awesome.

Enough with the Gym. This Platform Makes Home Workouts Awesome.

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Unsurprisingly, the number of us who made online exercise videos our number-one source of wellness content shot up during the earliest stages of the pandemic. And while things are changing at different speeds in different places, a lot of us have found that we don't miss the gym. They can really be a pain: driving there, driving home, changing clothes, showering, dealing with, you know, the other people at the gym. The list goes on and on.

Turning to the internet for at-home fitness content that can work better with your schedule is a smart move, but finding premium choices can be tough. There are tens of millions of options out there. To cut through it all, check out ​​obé Fitness, a platform that's democratizing at-home workouts with high-end content available in a number of formats.

After you subscribe to obé Fitness, you'll find a multitude of fantastic exercise content at your fingertips. Every day, you can stream up to 20 live classes featuring a variety of fitness styles. (We don't recommend you do all of them, but we're not your doctor, so you can't sue us if we tell you to go nuts.) On top of those, you can also choose from any of over 7,000 on-demand classes to fit your schedule and needs. Conveniently, you can stream obé Fitness to your screens via AppleTV, Roku, FireTV, and Chromecast or just log on with your laptop to start sweatin' to the newies in seconds.

obé Fitness allows you to get creative with your workouts and try different types of classes that you might not be able to try otherwise, such as yoga, barre, HIIT, various styles of dance, Pilates, and more. Workouts range from five minutes to an hour, are available in different intensity and impact levels, and can be selected based on music genre. You might think twice about shaking your groove thang or sticking it in the air in downward dog in front of other people, but with obé Fitness, you can dance like nobody's watching because they aren't.

The lively and high-end nature of the obé Fitness catalog has made it a favorite amongst fans and critics. On top of earning 4.8 out of 5 stars in the App Store, it's also been praised by users like Taylor D., who wrote, "My gym officially opens back up tomorrow. I am going to go... and cancel my membership! I'm sticking with obé!" Yeah, Taylor! Stick it to the gym-man! He's an abomination!

You can get 30% off your first month of a membership with obé Fitness using code FUN30.

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