This Insurance Makes Owning A Pet Way Less Stressful

This Insurance Makes Owning A Pet Way Less Stressful

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If you're like most humans, you know how therapeutic, calming, and just plain life-giving playing with an excited dog or stroking a calm kitten can be, but acquiring the right to kiss a tiny furry face whenever you want by taking ownership of a pet paradoxically comes with its own stress. On top of the upfront veterinarian fees for checkups, vaccinations, and other preventative procedures, pet owners also have to face the reality that your dog or cat might need to deal with unexpected illness or injury at some point. It's enough to make some people dismiss the idea of ever becoming a pet parent, and we just won't stand for that.

To ease these anxieties and prevent them from getting in the way of a new addition to your household, consider a plan with Lemonade Pet Health Insurance. On top of helping to pay for veterinary catastrophes, Lemonade Pet Health Insurance lightens the load for preventative care, including wellness check-ups, vaccines, and more for as low as $25 a month. Its elite service is proven by top ratings from Supermoney, Clearsurance, and 4.9 stars in the App Store.

For busy professionals, coverage can help ease stress, and in a different way, so can simplicity. Lemonade makes signing up for and using pet insurance as easy as can be. Its simple, intuitive platform uses artificial intelligence and a simple questionnaire to create personalized coverage plans for everyone who signs up. You can sign up in no time, and when the time comes, you can get paid in minutes. With that kind of peace of mind, you could go nuts and adopt 10 puppies. Adopt 100 puppies. Become a puppy hoarder and roll in puppies. (Don't really.)

While owning a pet is a great way to give meaning to your life, so is making a positive social impact in the world. Instead of pocketing all of your premiums, Lemonade takes its fee and then donates the rest of the money to social and environmental causes of your choosing. Everybody wins. Mostly the puppies.

Get a quote for Lemonade Pet Health Insurance today.

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