LazyApply Is The Job Application For The Lazies

LazyApply Is The Job Application For The Lazies

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It's hard enough to do the basics of dog-walking, dinner-cooking, Candy-Crushing, etc. when you have a full-time job, but if your job sucks, it's all but impossible to find another one because that's a full-time job in and of itself. You have to create a custom resume and cover letter for every listing, figure out how to work the word "fungible" in there somewhere so they know you haven't (god forbid) sent them the same ones as everyone else, and then sit there for five minutes checking over and over that you definitely remembered to attach your attachments. It was exhausting just writing that sentence.

Well, you don't have to deal with that when you have the LazyApply Job Application.

LazyApply lets you apply to hundreds of jobs with a single click. This Chrome extension (4.5/5 stars on the Chrome Web Store) identifies new jobs daily on LinkedIn, Indeed, and more leading job boards, then lets you apply for up to 150 each day and sends you as many LinkedIn profiles as you want to follow up on the applications you really care about. Before you know it, you'll be so busy fielding calls from people who want to hire you that you won't even remember what you put on your resume (so make sure to be honest -- it's harder to keep a web of lies straight).

With LazyApply, you'll also get daily analytics on your application performance as well as resume improvement tips and a weekly consultation call to help you improve your application and job hunting strategies. All you have to do is import your information to the LazyApply Job app and it goes ahead and does everything for you. Sure, it may not meet the application requirements of the occasional high-and-mighty company, but do you really want to work for someone who makes you jump through demeaning hoops? You're a valuable professional. Who cares what animal you would be and why?

Stop spinning your wheels and let the technology do it. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to LazyApply Job Application for just $67 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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