Rest Your Buns Anywhere With This Portable Chair

Rest Your Buns Anywhere With This Portable Chair

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There comes a time in everyone's life when you finally realize you're just sick of standing all the time. You stand on the bus to work, in line at the coffee shop, at the bar, at a concert. It's the worst. Standing is a college person's thing, so we say sit on. With the CLIQ Portable Camping Chair, you can take a seat anywhere.

CLIQ was successfully funded on Indiegogo and designed by an expert engineering team using premium materials to give you a bottle-size chair that you can take anywhere. When it's packed up, it's about the size of a water bottle, and it sets up in as little as five seconds by just pushing a button and extending the arms. The lightweight chair has been tested in all kinds of conditions and, thanks to ripstop ballistic nylon, it's perfect for all the wear and tear you'll put on it while camping or climbing a mountain. They're even small enough that you can fit a bunch in a bag for a whole sitting party.

When you set up CLIQ, you'll appreciate how comfortable it is thanks to lumbar support. The tip-proof design will let you lean back and get comfortable anywhere, from the beach to the DMV to anywhere else you know you're gonna be for a while. Forbes writes, "It can comfortably seat a full-size adult and, owing to its small folded size, is easier to carry than most," and Amazon users have given CLIQ a 4.5-star rating.

Get comfortable wherever you are. Right now, you can get two CLIQ Portable Camping Chairs for 11% off $179 at just $159.99 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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