This Charging Cable Is For Good Workers

This Charging Cable Is For Good Workers

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Life as a 21st-century American is all about convenience. We want to be able to have your cake and eat it too, TikTok dance while ordering from our favorite Chinese restaurant, etc. Sometimes, it's not about want -- you really need to multitask to do your job well, but there are little ways to make you a better, more efficient worker and TikTok dancer. Take, for example, the InCharge Charging Cable.

Successfully funded on Indiegogo, InCharge lets you connect to, transfer files, and charge just about all of your devices with a single cable. It's made with USB and USB-C input ports and Lightning, USB-C, and microUSB connector outputs, giving you a total of six charging/transferring combinations, all packed into a 2.8" cable. It's like the electric version of that Harry Potter bag that can carry entire libraries.

With the proprietary chip, InCharge can deliver 100W ultra-fast charging to USB-C devices like laptops and tablets and even turn your phone or tablet into a power source when there aren't any standard charging ports nearby. In addition to charging, it offers up to 480Mbps of transfer speed and power transfer support so you can charge your laptop and sync the files from your phone at the same time without ever missing a beat. Plus, the reinforced materials ensure it won't crumble to bits over time like an Apple charging cable.

Charge your devices, transfer data, and stay productive. You can get an InCharge Charging Cable for 24% off $29 at $21.99 today. Get it in lava black, marble beige, or sapphire blue.

Prices are subject to change.

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